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Proscia Provides Agilent Technologies with Digital Pathology Platform for Interactive Version of the Dako Atlas of Stains

By Author Proscia | August 30, 2017

The cloud-based Atlas of Stains trains pathologists and histotechnicians on using and interpreting stained pathology tissue samples, provides reference for interpretation of results

Proscia Inc, a data solutions provider for digital pathology, today announced that Agilent Pathology Solutions, a division of Agilent Technologies (NYSE: A), has released a new online interactive version of its Dako Atlas of Stains powered by Proscia’s digital pathology platform.

Pathologists around the world have depended on the printed and PDF version of the Dako Atlas of Stains as a reference tool on the use and interpretation of Agilent’s Dako stains. The new interactive version of the Atlas enhances its usefulness as a reference and extends its use into education and training of pathologists. Trainees can view and annotate the slide images, and the tool can assess whether the trainee is judging the stains accurately or not. The tool additionally serves as a reference guide for customers of Dako stains, providing a framework for consistent assessment.

“Stain variability is a big issue in pathology,” said Nis Glavind Kruse, Director of Companion Diagnostics at Agilent Technologies. “There are millions of different factors that might influence the intensity of a stain, its coloration, its bonding to the cells, and its appearance under the microscope. This introduces subjectivity into the interpretation of the results. By working with Proscia’s cloud-based digital pathology software, we now offer an important resource for our customers that provides a framework to significantly reduce the impacts of this variability in cancer research and care.”

Proscia’s cloud-based platform is the core technology behind the interactive ability to view and manipulate the images online, annotate them, and assess the stains. The digital pathology company provides its clinical, research, and education customers with a cloud-based software platform for data accessibility, collaboration, and image analysis. By leveraging modern computing techniques and deep learning Proscia aims to address some of the biggest problems facing pathology.

“Proscia is proud to work with Agilent to bring computer intelligence to pathology,” said David West, chief executive officer at Proscia. “The Dako Atlas of Stains is one exciting step forward in driving objective, precise pathology and cancer care.”

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