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Proscia Partners with Asan Medical Center to Research Predictive Medicine in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Proscia Inc., a data solutions provider for digital pathology, and Asan Medical Center, South Korea’s preeminent clinical and biomedical research institute, today announced a partnership focused on developing tools that enable predictive medicine in the fight against cancer. The goal of the collaboration is to leverage mathematical oncology and novel deep-learning approaches to provide predictive insight into the likelihood of lung cancer lymph node metastasis, improving physicians’ ability to prescribe targeted cancer therapies.

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Digital Pathology Platforms Can Now Determine the Metastatic Potential of Cells in a Tissue Biopsy

By John Hewitt

One major challenge in pathology is to determine if a group of cells are cancerous. By 'cancerous' one generally means that they have the potential to grow and spread, or that they have already spread from somewhere else and are therefore metastatic. Cancer cells tend to spread to other organs via the bloodstream. When they do this, they inevitably also make their way to the lymphatic system. By checking the so-called 'sentinel' lymph nodes—those nodes adjacent to a primary tumor—doctors can get a good idea of whether or not a cancer has gone rogue.

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Proscia And Asan Medical Center Partner Up To Develop Diagnostic Tests

By Benjamin Ross

The founders of Proscia, a Baltimore, Maryland-based digital pathology provider, know full well the pain and turmoil that comes with having a close family member struggle with cancer. David West, Jr., Proscia’s CEO and co-founder, grew up watching his mother fight breast cancer; Hunter Jackson, the company’s VP of research, experienced a similar trial when his sister developed a tumor at a young age. These experiences continue to invigorate the team at Proscia, and has inspired them to take a focus on making a difference in the cancer realm.

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Proscia and Huron Digital Pathology partner to provide seamlessly integrated digital pathology scanner-software solution

By Press Release

Proscia Inc., a data solutions provider for digital pathology, and Huron Digital Pathology, a provider of whole slide imaging solutions, today announced the two companies now provide seamless integration between Huron scanners and the Proscia digital pathology platform. Through this integration, pathologists will be able to quickly and easily scan slides and have them automatically uploaded to the Proscia cloud-based platform for storage, collaboration and image analysis.

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Proscia is Working with Asan Medical Center on a Big Development

By Stephen Babcock

Proscia is developing an algorithm that would give doctors a new way to predict (and prevent) the spread of cancer. The startup launched by Johns Hopkins grads has a new partnership with Asan Medical Center. The aim is to develop an algorithm that could predict the likelihood of metastasis, which is when cancer cells break away from a lung tumor and grow in the lymph nodes, said Proscia CEO David West.

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Proscia CEO: Digital pathology is at inflection point

By Stephanie Baum

If you were looking for some major milestone events indicating the level of interest in digital pathology, you could focus on last week when Philips acquired tumor analysis business PathXL, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A couple of years ago, AstraZeneca’s global biologics research and development arm, MedImmune, acquired tissue phenomics company Definiens in a $150 million deal...

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How newly minted Hopkins grad David West’s company is shaping the future of cancer diagnosis

By Tina Irgang

At 22, David West Jr. is already a successful entrepreneur. Inspired by his mother’s battle with breast cancer and a longstanding passion for computers, he became interested in how technology could be used to help improve diagnosis and treatment for cancer. That interest turned from an undergraduate project at Johns Hopkins University into a fast-growing digital pathology company, Proscia. Here, West discusses how Proscia got its start, and what he hopes it can do for the future of medicine...

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Proscia Completes $1M Seed Round of Financing to Advance Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment

By News-Medical

Proscia Inc., a data solutions provider for digital pathology, announced today the completion of its $1M seed round of financing. Proscia, whose Pathology Cloud platform is already helping hundreds of pathologists and researchers, will use the proceeds to accelerate growth and pursue the company’s vision of unlocking insights and accelerating discovery towards understanding and treating cancer...

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Proscia Closes $1M Seed Round, Hiring Expected

By Stephen Babcock

Two-year-old health IT startup Proscia closed a $1 million seed round, CEO David West, Jr. said Monday. The round was led by New York-based Emerald Development Managers. Also participating was TCP Venture Capital through its Propel Baltimore fund, A-Level Capital and Robin Hood Ventures. The oversubscribed round was initially targeted at $500,000, West said. The company is looking to bring digital tools to the task of diagnosing cancer.

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UPMC Enterprises Affiliate Selects 3 Candidates to Commercialize

By Kris Mamula

UPMC is continuing its bid for revenue diversity, taking three companies under its commercialization wing for further development. After hearing a variety of pitches from different companies Sept. 24, health system affiliate UPMC Enterprises chose Proscia Inc., Forest Devices Inc. and Podimetrics Inc. to help develop their products. The judging coincided with the annual Thrival Innovation...

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Meet 50 Young Entrepreneurs Aiming to Change the World

By Kerry Close

Thanks to a variety of factors, including lower startup costs and technological advances, many of the world’s most taxing problems are being tackled by some of the youngest entrepreneurs. To put this in perspective, we turned to the Kairos Society, an international organization that supports the development of entrepreneurs worldwide. Each year, the San Francisco-based company develops a list of the top global entrepreneurs under age 25.

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This JHU Startup Wants to Make Sure Doctors Analyze Biopsies Right - Every Time

By stephen babcock

For 150 years, the way cancer specialists looked at biopsies didn’t change much. Specialists would gather around a microscope, and analyze slides of showing tissue specimens. “That’s ridiculous,” says Johns Hopkins University biomedical engineering student David West. “There’s no way it should be done that way in 2015.” There are a couple of reasons West thinks that way...

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Digital Pathology and the Big “C”s (That’s “Cancer” and “Cloud”)

By Chris Mellor

Have I got cancer? 'Maybe,' says my oncologist, 'so I’m going to take a biopsy and we’ll have a look.' A small piece of my body, tissue from the potentially cancerous organ, is obtained through an incision, and sent to a pathology lab. A thin, thin slice is cut off, stained with revealing chemicals, and then checked by a pathologist. This scenario is repeated tens of million times a year around the globe, and digital health company.

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Baltimore Startup Takes Cancer Fight to the Cloud and Combines Machine Learning

By Dan Verel

Proscia, a Baltimore-based startup, is looking to use machine learning and cloud-based technology to combat cancer, launching a new software platform aimed at pathologists that provides storage for multi-gigabyte digital biopsies, while simultaneously harnessing what it calls 'second-opinion collaboration technology'. The cloud-based program, according to Proscia, offers large-scale management, analytics, access and collaboration for whole slide images in digital pathology, all with secure access...

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Proscia Introduces First Cloud-Based Platform for Digital Pathology

By Michael Batista

Founded in 2014 by technologists from Johns Hopkins, the Moffitt Cancer Center, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, and the University of Pittsburgh, Proscia is a digital healthcare company with a mission to bring image analysis and big data capabilities to pathology. Proscia’s main focus area is fighting cancer. The company’s vision is to bring computer intelligence to pathology—to organize the world’s pathology information and put it to use fighting cancer...

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