The Concentriq® Digital Pathology Platform

As the backbone technology powering our Concentriq Dx and Concentriq for Research products, the Concentriq software platform offers a flexible, robust, and scalable technology architecture. Concentriq features deep integration with the technology ecosystem of anatomic pathology labs, making it the foundation for AI applications that drive your laboratory’s digital evolution.

Connect Your Images, Data, and Applications

Concentriq connects your entire pathology ecosystem through a future-ready platform that integrates with all your technology, giving you the flexibility and investment protection every lab needs.

Scanner Integrations

The Concentriq platform works with every leading WSI scanner on the market today.

LIS Integrations

Concentriq’s open API centralizes all your pathology data in one place, making it more accessible and driving insight into your routine practice.

Computational Application Integrations

Launch any AI application from the Concentriq platform and power computational pathology at your organization.

Powerful Image and Workflow Management is at the Core of Concentriq.

Image Viewing and Analysis

Image Viewing and Analysis

An intuitive whole slide image viewer and customizable data fields enable robust image review, search, and annotation.

Sharing, Collaboration, and Consults

Sharing, Collaboration, and Consults

Share research, perform remote consults, and conference in real time from any location.

Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Lab-defined workflows standardize and automate image-based processes to drive efficiency and quality across the lab.

Data Management

Data Management

Powerful image and data management available on-premises or in the cloud with features that include mass data import and archiving.

Deployment on Your Terms

Every lab is different. Concentriq provides the flexibility to accommodate your enterprise needs.

Flexible Deployment

Concentriq can securely be deployed in public and private cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployments. We support deployment with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Dell, NetApp and other leading compute and storage providers.

Infinitely Scalable

From an initial deployment to a complex, multi-site operation, Concentriq scales across any number of users, teams, and third party collaborators.

Leading Interoperability

Concentriq sits at the center of your lab’s digital ecosystem, offering robust integration with leading scanners, LIS, and image analysis applications.


Concentriq goes beyond point-level integration with AI applications, delivering a tightly connected experience that incorporates computational applications into the routine practice.

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