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Instant, global access to digital pathology content. Quantitative, image analysis-driven workflows. Seamless collaboration with colleagues and experts worldwide.

Proscia’s platform is a software-based laboratory with unified solutions for digital pathology data management, collaboration, and image analysis. Available instantly via the cloud or directly in your institution, it’s ready to integrate with any scanner, any workflow.

access data anywhere

The Proscia platform makes storing, viewing, and sharing billions of slide images possible from anywhere in the world on nearly any device.

Create and manage slide repositories to organize and optimize your digital workspace, integrating rich information from your LIMS/LIS information or other data sources.

Proscia works with any slide scanning hardware, and can be set-up to upload automatically and directly to your digital workflow.

explore and discover together

Share a slide, send a case for review, or host an entire database in seconds. The platform’s telepathology features facilitate collaboration between individuals, within an institution and between partner organizations.

Take a step beyond into Proscia’s virtual multihead, which allows entire teams of users to simultaneously share insights in real time. Lead presenters can walk others through areas of interest - driving research collaborations, powering case-sourcing networks, and enhancing remote tumor boards.

Your tissue, quantified

Proscia’s quantitative digital pathology drives standardized, automated, and reproducible workflows, providing pathologists and researchers with a versatile and powerful suite of modules to rapidly and objectively quantify relevant tissue properties.

The fast growing portfolio of image analysis modules for both H&E- and IHC-stained tissue are configurable to unique staining protocols and diverse digital workflows.

all available analyses

all available analyses

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HER2 Quantification

HER2 membrane quantification with H-score calculation.

ER/PR Quantification

Automated ER and PR quantification measures positivity and negativity in tumor, including both cell count and ratio.

Ki-67 Quantification

Quantify cellular proliferation, and generate a nuclear proliferation index to assess tumors via Ki-67 positivity.

EGFR Quantification

Quantify EGFR expression in normal and neoplastic tissues.

PD-L1 Analysis

Determine PD-L1 expression, quantifying and classifying positive cells based on DAB staining.

H&E Nuclear Quantification

Identify and quantify nuclei on H&E stained slides, calculating morphometric features for each nucleus

IHC Nuclear Quantification - General

Configurable quantification of nuclei across multiple IHC stains, generating intensity and cell statistics for the biomarker of your choice.

IHC Cell Membrane Quantification - General

Configurable quantification of cell membrane across common and specialized IHC stains.

Not finding what your looking for?

If you’re not finding what you’re looking for or are interested in Proscia’s AI-algorithms, get in touch via our partnership page or contact us here

A pioneering hospital in Chile uses Proscia to easily share whole slide images to colleagues around the world, but discovers an even greater value.

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How Proscia Fits into your workflow

Proscia's digital pathology platform was created with the flexibility to work in a range of configurations - easily accommodating either cloud or local user access needs.

And because our platform is ecosystem agnostic, it can process images of nearly any type, from any major scanner manufacturer.Click below to learn more.

Slide Scanning

Proscia is compatible with all major scanners and image file types.

We can help you get started

Our digital pathology team can walk you through the process of choosing a slide scanning system and getting started with Proscia.

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look underneath the hood

We built the Proscia platform to meet medical standards for data security, HIPAA compliance, and system reliability.

Learn about the steps we’ve taken to create a truly reliant digital pathology solution.