The power of digital pathology with no software to install, no hardware to manage.

The Pathology Cloud

Pathology Cloud is the #1 digital pathology platform that users can access entirely over the internet- there’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage - you just log in and get to work from anywhere in the world. When you use Pathology Cloud you don't just get tools, you get an entire platform, with solutions to help you tackle challenges of today and new ones as they emerge.


From slide hosting to telepathology to tissue image analysis, Pathology Cloud lets you start with the solutions you need now, and know that the rest are there, ready to be activated as new challenges emerge.

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Proscia’s secure, enterprise-ready store and compute backend allows you to think in terms of slides, not in terms of bandwidth, data transfer, or CPU time.

See What Powers Pathology Cloud

There are two things that all of our customers care about - data security & compliance and data migration. Our platform excels where others break down. We don't just meet standards, we exceed them.

David West

CEO of Proscia

Access your slides anywhere

Pathology Cloud can be securely accessed by you and your colleagues, anywhere in the world. Whenever and wherever you're working, the Pathology Cloud is working too.

Generate quantitative insights quickly

Proscia's growing list of tissue quantification solutions helps our customers rapidly generate and analyze data from whole slide images. Whether 10,000 images in batch, or just one — it still takes only minutes.

Integrate with any workflow

Proscia’s technology is vendor neutral, and can even be integrated directly with your whole slide image scanner and information management system.

Designed To Scale

Digital pathology can be very expensive, especially for labs or institutions with vast slide volumes. Proscia believes that storage should not be a barrier to adoption and that our customers should have the flexibility to scale at will. Get in touch to see how Proscia is saving its customers gobs of money.

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