Dr. Julianna Ianni, Senior Research Scientist, will present a poster at the 16th International Symposium on Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering. Her poster is titled “Automated Detection of Basal Cell Carcinoma in a Real-World Sample using Deep Learning."
Isaac Huff
Application Specialist, Proscia
Join Application Specialist Isaac Huff when he takes a deep dive into this first-of-its-kind deep learning application designed for dermatopathology. Attendees will explore how DermAI works to pre-screen and classify skin biopsies, recognize the benefits - including improved quality and efficiency, learn about new revenue-generating opportunities brought about by AI, and understand how DermAI enhances Proscia’s Concentriq digital pathology platform.
[Event] Practical Symposium
We're looking forward to joining Dr. Clay Cockerell and the dermatopathologist and dermatologist community for the sixth annual Practical Symposium. This event emphasizes essential dermatologic topics and how dermatopathologists and dermatologists work together to establish accurate diagnoses and optimal treatment plans.
[Event] APC 2019 Annual Meeting
The future of pathology is here, and the Proscia team will be on the ground in Boston at APC 2019 to share it with you. Stop by booth P2 to see how our Concentriq digital pathology platform and AI technology are accelerating research and improving quality and efficiency for leading academic medical centers.
Nathan Buchbinder
Chief Product Officer, Proscia
Daniel Eversole, PhD
Product Manager, Akoya Biosciences
Life science enterprises, including CROs, pharmaceutical companies and large academic medical centers are implementing large-scale, advanced quantitative multispectral image analysis. These applications have opened new avenues for cutting-edge research and discovery. As this trend continues to grow in both its scope and impact, the demand on core software functionality to facilitate management, collaboration, and broader translation of multispectral analysis has become an increasingly significant hurdle.
Ashley Murgatroyd
Product Manager, Proscia
Christopher Coley
Commercial Marketing Manager, Digital Pathology Thermo Fisher Scientific
The complexities of running global-scale clinical trials require an expensive, error-prone, and labor-intensive operation. Digital pathology is changing that. Join Proscia and Thermo Fisher Scientific as we discuss the use of digital pathology by life science organizations, from the creation of centralized, digital labs to the automation of the most subjective and error-prone processes.
Ashley Murgatroyd
Product Manager, Proscia
Doug Stapleton
Field Service Manager, Hamamatsu
Dr. Michael Feldman
Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Learn how pathology hardware and software advancements in the past few years are enabling labs to: remotely collaborate in real time with sites around the world, incorporate pathology information in new, meaningful ways across organizations, and better execute large-scale programs as a result of simplifying the overall process.
Cheers! Our team is headed to London for this week’s Digital Pathology & AI Congress. With a focus on utilizing digital pathology and AI to advance pathology practices and enhance patient care, the event promises great insights and networking opportunities. We’re looking forward to informative sessions around strategy, technology, real-world case studies, and more. Stop by our booth (#35) to learn how we’re changing the way the world looks at cancer. You can also see CEO David West present on “Global Trends and Pathology’s Tomorrow,” where he’ll explore how leaders in laboratory medicine are positioning themselves for success in today’s shifting landscape.
Nathan Buchbinder
Chief product officer, Proscia
Dr. Olga Colgan
Director of Marketing, Leica Biosystems Pathology Imaging
Dr. Alexander Baras
Assoc. Director of Pathology, Johns Hopkins Medicine
In recent years, digital pathology has gone from an intriguing idea to an integral part of how academic and commercial labs operate. Join Leica Biosystems and Proscia Digital Pathology as they discuss why institutions are going digital today and how they approach best practices in digital implementation.

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