Dr. Monica Santamaria-Fries, Digital Transformation Officer at Proscia and Michael Valante, Chief Technology Officer for Digital Pathology at Dell Technologies, discuss approaches for engaging the IT department as a strategic partner in digital pathology.
Coleman Stavish, CTO, will present, "Transforming cancer care: AWS, Proscia, and JPC join forces to advance the practice of pathology," during this virtual event hosted by AWS.
[Event] USCAP 2021
We're looking forward to helping you navigate your digital pathology journey at USCAP 2021. Stop by our virtual booth for live demos of our Concentriq Dx platform, partner presentations, Q&As, resources, and more.

Join this short, moderated discussion with Proscia and Visiopharm to learn about 5 common challenges life sciences organizations experience as they scale their digital pathology operations.
Dr. Monica Santamaria-Fries
Digital Transformation Officer
Join Dr. Monica Santamaria-Fries, Proscia's Digital Transformation Officer, as she covers best practices for supporting pathologists and lab managers in embracing the inevitable shift to AI-enabled digital pathology.
Proscia's Arun Ananth will present a 1-hour workshop, "A launchpad for AI: Choosing the right digital pathology platform for accelerating computational adoption in high-throughput workflows."
Join Proscia and leaders from the life sciences research community as they share their vision for data-driven R&D and how a modern approach to digital pathology is enabling their teams to unlock new insights from their existing data. The roundtable will conclude with a look at the Summer 2020 release of Proscia’s Concentriq for Research.
[Event] Pathology Visions 2020
Proscia's Digital Transformation Officer Dr. Monica Santamaria-Fries will present an on-demand session, "Hanging Up Our Microscopes: Improving The Pathologist Experience With Digital Solutions," and host a live QA on Wednesday, October 28th at 3:50PM PT.
Tate York
Director of Digital Microscopy and Image Analysis, NeuroScience Associates
Ashley Murgatroyd
Director of Product, Proscia
Digital pathology is opening up new opportunities for CROs to deliver value to their clients. Yet, without the right digital pathology solution in place, a CRO – and the researchers it works with – will struggle to realize these benefits. Hear how NSA Labs is strengthening the researcher-CRO relationship with Concentriq.
Dark Daily
Nathan Buchbinder
Chief Product Officer, Proscia
Dr. Anthony Magliocco
President and CEO, Protean BioDiagnostics
The verdict is in: Labs that have adopted digital pathology have seen from 13 to 21% efficiency and productivity gains. During this webinar, industry experts and pathologists will share their lessons learned and best practices on the meaningful adoption and scale up of digital and computational pathology.

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