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Leverage Real-World Data to Accelerate R&D

Pathology data is playing a vital role in the discovery and development of novel therapies. Proscia partners with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies to advance milestones with access and insights from diverse, multimodal real-world data.

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Next Generation Precision Medicine

Whole slide image, clinical, and molecular data, along with cutting-edge capabilities in AI, are opening new doors in the fight against diseases like cancer.


Explore and create breakthrough therapeutics.

Novel Biomarkers

Identify and validate novel predictive and prognostic indicators.

Clinical Trials

Improve patient recruitment and trial efficiency.

Companion Diagnostics

Use computational insights for response stratification.

Real-World Evidence

Generate image-based insights to expand indications and drive strategy.

Harness the power of real-world data to fuel innovation

As an industry leader in enterprise pathology software, we connect our R&D partners with a network of partner laboratories at the forefront of pathology’s digital transformation to help them access one of the largest collections of de-identified, real-world, multimodal pathology data. Proscia reduces time and cost by curating high-quality cohorts for even the rarest cancers and other diseases, driving innovation across discovery and development. Our data is:

  • Heterogenous: Labeled whole slide images, clinically relevant histopathology, molecular and other longitudinal data.
  • Distilled: Clean, structured datasets that can instantly be utilized.
  • Anonymized: Secure, de-identified records, compliant with all regulatory and governance standards.
  • Targeted: The right data at the right time, reducing cost and time to market.

Access to the most comprehensive digital pathology network


de-identified patient records


histopathology images (H&E, IHC, cytology + more)


hospitals and labs from thousands of clinicians


of matched clinical and molecular data

Use Concentriq® and AI to mobilize data and generate insights

14 of the top 20 pharma companies trust Concentriq to leverage their data and power pathology workflows from discovery through diagnosis. Find out what’s possible in a fully integrated technology ecosystem, connecting people, data and applications on the most trusted enterprise pathology platform.

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