Closer to the data. Closer to each other. Closer to a cure.

For the first time in digital pathology, researchers and clinicians have access to enterprise-grade storage, high-throughput tissue analysis, and global collaboration technologies on a unified cloud platform.

Proscia's Pathology Cloud platform removes the barriers of data capacity and distance, connecting medical professionals to each other instantly.

Leveraging the cloud for scale, speed, and security, Proscia represents an unprecedented leap in the way tissue analysis is performed.

Proscia works wherever you do.


Process staggering volumes of tissue data with advantage analytics.

Research Solutions


Store unlimited medical scans. Collaborate with doctors worldwide.

Clinical Solutions


View, annotate, and discuss tens of thousands of clinical biopsies.

Education Solutions

Building the future of pathology together

It took intense collaboration to create our platform – but it will take far closer cooperation from the scientific community to find a cure for cancer.

Proscia was created to organize the world's pathological information, exponentially accelerating medical advancement. By analyzing millions of samples, our global platform uncovers insights and opportunities that may one day lead to breakthroughs in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The passion behind the platform

Oncology, mathematics, biomedical design, and computer science – our backgrounds are diverse, but our focus is singular: building the world's most powerful digital pathology solutions.