Concentriq is Designed for Research and Clinical Workflows.

Concentriq, our AI-powered software platform sits at the intersection of digital and computational pathology, where functionality needed to carry out routine pathology operations connects with powerful AI applications to accelerate breakthroughs and improve patient outcomes.

Powering primary diagnostic workflows to drive efficiency and improve quality.

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Centralizing and unifying data-centric research from discovery to market.

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AI-powered pathology for the modern laboratory

Concentriq delivers access to the broadest portfolio of computational applications, fully integrated into routine workflows.



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PRESS RELEASE: Unilabs selects Proscia to advance its aspiration of becoming the most digitally driven diagnostic group.


Streamline the journey
from discovery to market.

Modern pathology software helps solve R&D’s biggest challenges. Improve data integrity and quality, run more studies and experiments faster and uncover new insights.

Solutions For Life Sciences

Webinar: Building a Broader Research Ecosystem

Scientists at Bristol Myers Squibb are at the forefront of spatial transcriptomics and computational pathology. Find out how they are utilizing a centralized platform for pathology images, metadata, and analysis results.

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Run a modern,
more productive lab.

Accelerate your shift to 100% digital diagnosis to improve diagnostic quality, increase efficiency and position your lab for future growth.

Solutions For Diagnostics

Panel Discussion: The Use of AI in Routine,
High-Throughput Workflows

Hear real-world experiences from pathologists at LabPON and Unilabs, along with partners Ibex Medical Analytics and Visiopharm.

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We believe that pathology deserves great technology.

We’re helping labs and research centers take advantage of the collaboration, insight, accuracy and time-saving benefits of digital pathology, and accelerating breakthroughs in the fight against cancer. Learn more about our vision for powering this new era of data-driven pathology.

About Proscia

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