Computational applications are reshaping the practice of pathology, and at Proscia, we’re building AI solutions for high-volume and high-impact specialties, validated at some of the world’s leading laboratories. If you’re ready to augment your practice and optimize the economics of your lab, we can help.

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Streamline high-volume derm workflows

Successful dermatology practices rapidly review routine cases to focus time and effort on the diagnoses most impactful to their patients. DermAI® pre-classifies skin cases to drive efficiency in high-volume labs.

With DermAI, you can:
  • Automatically classify and sort cases
  • Identify high-priority cases
  • Intelligently assign and distribute cases to pathologists


demonstrated in pathology’s largest AI validation study with partners like:

To learn more about DermAI, contact us.

Research Highlight: Prostate

Prostate cancer is an especially time-consuming and variable area of pathology, given its high slide-to-case ratio and qualitative grading system. It’s also a specialty in which patterns in the morphologic and histologic structure of the tissue likely hold the potential to reveal insights into disease progression and prognosis not discoverable under the microscope. Proscia is exploring this subspecialty – amongst other high volume and high impact areas of pathology – to drive meaningful change in how we view diseases like cancer.



Our partners in prostate cancer research include:

Research Highlight: <span>Prostate</span>

Launch computational applications on the software platform built for the future of pathology

Computational applications are changing the practice of pathology. Concentriq® by Proscia helps labs streamline operations and easily deploy AI into your workflow — today.

Is your lab ready for computational pathology?

From training and testing to full-scale deployment, Proscia partners with some of today’s premier labs to change the way the world practices pathology. If your lab is ready to join us, talk to Proscia about an AI partnership today.

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