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AI-enabled pathology has arrived, enabling accelerated discovery, improved lab economics and efficiency, and the advancement of personalized care. Proscia’s computational pathology solutions help today’s labs overcome some of their biggest challenges in research and diagnosis. And no matter where your AI-based solution was developed, our Concentriq® digital pathology platform integrates it directly into your routine workflow.

Platform + AI

The Concentriq digital pathology platform integrates AI directly into the routine workflow. You can launch AI applications from Concentriq to power computational pathology at your organization.

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Process Automation:

Proscia Automated Quality Control

Automated Quality Control (QC) is an AI-enabled application that can be easily added to the Concentriq for Research® platform to automatically identify commonly occurring slide and image quality artifacts.


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Proscia DermAI*

DermAI automatically classifies every dermatopathology slide, leveraging a highly accurate algorithm-based on more than 13,000 images—to streamline your high-volume dermatopathology workflow.

DermAI highlights the promise of AI to deliver value in routine practice by:

  • Helping pathologists prioritize their worklists
  • Ensuring that cases are most efficiently routed to the right pathologist
  • Providing a second read on every case for extra confidence

Explore Proscia DermAI

*For Research Use Only in the United States: Requires FDA Clearance.

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Biomarker Quantification:

Visiopharm VIS AI-Image Analysis Suite

Visiopharm® is a world leader in AI-driven digital precision pathology software, and their AI-based image analysis and tissue mining tools support research and drug development worldwide. With the most advanced and sophisticated artificial intelligence, they deliver tissue data mining tools, precision results, and workflows.

With seamless bidirectional integration between Visiopharm’s VIS AI-image analysis suite and the Concentriq® digital pathology platform from Proscia, you can stream images and annotations directly from Concentriq into Visiopharm, build and run analyses using Visiopharm’s suite of tools and algorithms, and send results back to Concentriq with just one click.

Partnership with Visiopharm

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Ibex Galen™ Prostate Solution*

Proscia and Ibex have joined forces to deliver a unified software solution that powers AI-enabled workflows for prostate cancer diagnosis, helping laboratories drive meaningful productivity and quality gains.

Partnership with Ibex

*For Research Use Only in the United States: Requires FDA Clearance.

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