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digital pathology.

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Digital pathology is transforming the economics and science of laboratory medicine. At Proscia, we’re opening new sources of revenue and diagnostic confidence alike, leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive insightful, efficient patient care. Here’s why labs are using Proscia:

Pathology Chairs and Hospital Leadership

Increase revenue streams and transform cancer care

Whether you’re looking to increase revenue or advance the impact of pathology and precision medicine on cancer diagnosis, Proscia’s award-winning digital pathology platform will quickly extend your organization’s reach to new and underserved markets around the world. Our comprehensive solution will increase your revenues, extend your brand globally, and improve cancer care.

Increase your lab’s revenue


Drive accurate, confident decisions for you and your patients

Accessible, accurate, and timely pathology saves lives. To address the challenges of access and subjectivity, Proscia brings together tools for collaboration along with ground-breaking computer-based IHC quantification. Whether you’re offering your expertise or looking for an expert opinion, Proscia enables you to collaborate with peers across the globe for anytime, anyplace consultation. And with digital image analysis that highlights and quantifies meaningful insights from tissue, Proscia provides you with objective, reproducible, and accurate results.

Drive confident decisions

Lab Directors and Managers

Digital pathology drives result-oriented and efficient labs

As pathology goes digital, labs are discovering new ways to improve their efficiency and reproducibility while expanding their global footprint. Your pathology staff engages with Proscia’s subscription-based software through an intuitive platform that not only integrates with your existing workflow but automates the time and resource consuming elements of it, enabling you to expand the reach of your labs expertise and providing a quantitative and reproducible method for pathology assessment. Be a part of the digital transformation that’s tackling pathology’s biggest challenges.

Improve efficiency and results

IT Managers

Low impact on your resources. Big impact on results.

Providing the digital pathology technology your labs are looking for doesn’t require dedicating tremendous IT resources. Proscia’s platform provides your pathologists with the technology they want while minimizing or even eliminating impact on your resources. With the flexibility to conform to the requirements and standards of your organization, Proscia provides all the support you need to securely and efficiently maintain your lab. Available in cloud and on-premises.

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