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Proscia Ready partners help labs accelerate the scaled adoption of digital pathology


Digital pathology is rapidly evolving, challenging labs to both integrate today’s technologies and be positioned to capitalize on tomorrow’s innovations. Laboratories need vendors and products that can support them across their evolving digital pathology journey.

The Proscia Ready partner alliance was formed to surround labs with a community of established partners focused on delivering world-class interoperability and more. Together, we provide a seamless experience that helps scale digital pathology operations without limitation, and eases the burden of strategy and implementation from our customers.

Proscia team working together on computer.

Proscia team working together in conference room.

Proscia Ready offers a comprehensive approach that makes it easy for laboratories to shift away from the microscope and work towards 100% digitization with:

  • Freedom to Choose: Select from partners’ established hardware and software solutions and safeguard your investments.
  • Coordinated Support: Eliminate the need to play an active role in resolving issues. The partners’ strong relationship accelerates time-to-resolution, implementation, onboarding, and training.
  • Shared Vision for Innovation: Proscia Ready partners regularly engage to share product roadmaps and best practices so that you can seamlessly adopt new offerings and stay ahead of the curve.

Proscia Ready partners are committed to your success

The Proscia Ready partner alliance offers you the breadth of knowledge required to develop a comprehensive digital strategy, and the technology and experience needed to successfully execute against it.

Featured Proscia Ready partners include:

The center of gravity for modern pathology labs

Concentriq® is the enterprise pathology platform at the heart of Proscia Ready.

An open, cloud-native platform, Concentriq is designed to integrate with partner technologies and incorporate them into routine operations, while safeguarding your investment as needs change and new innovations emerge.

The platform also allows users to build on Concentriq to develop their own computational pathology applications and generate insights from their data.

Concentriq Platform graphic

Digital pathology industry champions

Proscia believes that pathology deserves great technology. Together with our partners, we are helping shape the future of digital pathology by engaging with these esteemed associations.

Become a Proscia Ready Partner

Are you a solution provider that wants to help laboratories accelerate the scaled adoption of digital pathology? Reach out to our partner team to learn more about joining the alliance.

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