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We believe that pathology deserves great technology to realize its vast potential to save lives through better, faster diagnoses and new, unprecedented treatments.

Proscia software is accelerating pathology’s transformation toward a data-driven discipline. Our Concentriq® enterprise pathology platform and powerful AI applications are unlocking new insights that accelerate discovery, improve patient outcomes, and fulfill the promise of precision care.

Our journey to precision medicine starts with data. Pathology’s moment is here.

Laboratories worldwide recognize the challenges we all face today—a rising cancer burden, a shortage of pathologists, declining reimbursements, and the demands to rapidly modernize. However, with one billion pathology slides per year set to go digital, creating vast amounts of new data and information, the time to seize this moment is now.

Digital pathology is giving today’s forward-thinking pathology organizations the means to overcome our collective challenges and fundamentally transform how we work and contribute to medicine and patient care. The shift from microscopes to computational diagnostics is making pathology a fundamentally data-driven discipline—with the tools to leverage that data and accelerate breakthroughs.

Right now, innovators are building the foundation for this future with disease-specific artificial intelligence, workflow AI and other applications. And still, more astonishing developments are in the pipeline.

These new tools carry the potential to elevate the entire practice of pathology—to help save lives through better, faster diagnoses and new, unprecedented treatments. How can we make that potential an ongoing reality?

Extraordinary applications in everyday workflows

For pathologists and scientists to take advantage of the benefits of digital pathology, they need fundamental change in the way pathology is practiced. They must be able to use these new artificial intelligence applications easily, in a single view. They need to be able to incorporate multiple applications into their everyday workflows, with images and data readily accessible and shareable.

That’s the core of our vision at Proscia. It’s inspired us to build a unique, open-architecture platform that powers and integrates AI solutions developed by anyone. Its enterprise-ready, data-driven software is designed to harness today’s—and tomorrow’s—most promising technologies, helping pathologists and their labs reach their fullest potential.

Ready for now. Ready for next.

Today, our platform is helping labs worldwide transform from glass to digital, accelerating research and delivering better patient outcomes. More than 10,000 pathologists and scientists use our platform daily at reference labs, academic medical centers, CROs, and 14 of the top 20 pharma leaders.

Tomorrow, Proscia will help labs take advantage of a vast and growing set of AI applications built by Proscia and others. We’ll also help organizations realize the full scale of pathology’s potential by leveraging the massive amounts of pathology data being created, managed and curated. Together, we’ll unlock new insights that accelerate discovery, improve patient outcomes, and fulfill the promise of precision care.

Company Highlights

  • Founded at Johns Hopkins University in 2014
  • Headquarters in Philadelphia, PA with European HQ in Sligo, Ireland
  • 6 major academic research centers partner with Proscia
  • 10,000 pathologists and scientists use Concentriq
  • Collaborating with 12+ clinical AI partners with access to over 1M whole slide images for AI research
  • Integration with all major whole slide image scanners and LIS applications
  • Proscia has earned Medical Device Single Audit Program certification and ISO 27001 certification
  • $72M raised to date
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