From Pixels to PeoplePathology deserves great technology.

Where we are

There are over 1.5 billion slides reviewed in the United States each year. But with so many of them isolated on physical media or stored in localized drives, their value is limited to whatever on-site researchers can uncover in a typical workflow.

We wondered what could be accomplished if clinicians could work more closely together on these slides, no matter the distance between them. If a doctor in Kyoto could answer the important questions raised by her colleagues in New York, they could discover solutions that neither would have ever formed separately.

For the first time in medical history, Proscia makes this possible. Borders and time zones no longer constrain pathologists from exploring data together, moving closer to the answers they seek.

Where we're going

Humans are incredible at recognizing patterns. But when it comes to quantifying the data from billions of slide sources, there’s only so much researchers can accomplish by themselves.

The Proscia Pathology Cloud will multiply the pattern recognition abilities of the world’s researchers and clinicians to uncover leads that only appear at this extreme volume. From the tiniest inconsistencies to the largest universal trends, our platform will show users compelling, quantified information that could lead them to otherwise unimaginable hypotheses.

With your help collecting and analyzing slide data, we can accelerate this vision for the Proscia Pathology Cloud. The insights waiting to be uncovered may one day revolutionize the way we treat, or even cure, diseases like cancer.