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Annual Report: 2020 Paved The Way Toward The Future Of Pathology

By Proscia | February 11, 2021

2020 was a transformational year for digital pathology. From implementations by leading health systems to an unexpected surge in demand brought on by the pandemic, adoption crossed an inflection point as laboratories realized productivity and efficiency gains and laid the foundation for pathology’s AI-enabled future.

Here’s an infographic recapping the industry’s biggest year yet. Check it out below to celebrate the milestones one last time. Then, join us for an upcoming webinar, “Why Now Is The Time To Hang Up Your Microscope: How Digital Pathology Is Improving The Pathologist Experience” with Digital Transformation Officer, Dr. Monica Santamaria-Fries, where she’ll take a deep dive into what digital pathology’s rising adoption means for 2021.

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