10 of the top 20 pharma leaders run Concentriq®

Concentriq for Research is the digital pathology platform used by leading life sciences organizations, CROs and academic institutions to transform image-based research at scale. It unifies multi-site teams, data, and applications, harmonizing pathology operations to improve collaboration and unlock groundbreaking insights that accelerate discovery.

Find better answers, faster—from discovery to market

Life Sciences Research teams use Concentriq for:

Drug Discovery
& Biomarker Discovery

Get the most out of your data with a platform that delivers fast and secure access to research, efficiently enables multi-site collaboration and forges seamless integration with third-party applications.

Preclinical Research

Maximize efficiency within your preclinical workflow by facilitating collaborative sessions between toxicopathologists to review quantitative assessments of trial data via a platform that converges digital and computational pathology.

Clinical Trials

Deploy a comprehensive workflow solution that includes patient screening, stratification, and central pathology review to allow partners to efficiently deliver data-driven treatments to the market.

Translational and Precision Medicine

Manage the accessibility and connectivity of large biorepositories of pathology data to extract clinically actionable knowledge, and help deliver precision and translational medicine.

Harmonize pathology operations across the connected enterprise

Concentriq for Research sits at the intersection of image management and computational pathology, and at the center of your research workflow. Our platform is:

  • Scalable: Enterprise-grade platform supporting unlimited users, data, and sites. Roles and permissions give you the control and visibility needed to manage a growing database of images and data.
  • Accessible: Improve accessibility of your data by standardizing and consolidating data management and collection across the organization, encouraging the collection of consistent data across studies.
  • Configurable: Customize your research workflow based on organizational needs with flexibility to build repositories, share and organize slides, and automatically scan into a repository.
  • Intuitive: Redesigned viewer featuring workflow improvements designed by scientists and pathologists to ease interactions with image-based data for the novice and advanced user.
  • Open: Integrate and launch image analysis and AI applications developed by Proscia, validated partners, or in-house development teams directly into your routine workflow.
  • Connected: Open and highly interoperable with a comprehensive integration engine that allows seamless incorporation of third-party applications into routine pathology workflow. Connect experts across the distributed organization with powerful collaboration features.

What’s New in Concentriq for Research

The latest generation of our product features the following key advancements: delivers significant new features and functionality:

  • Fluorescence enhancements enable users to view, collaborate on, and analyze these images as a part of their singular, enterprise-grade solution for image-based research.
  • The introduction of AI-enabled automated quality control for H&E images drives efficiency and quality by reducing the dependence on an otherwise manual, laborious task.
  • Advancements in the API and other interoperability improvements further broaden support for any Proscia, 3rd-party, or customer built solution.


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Visiopharm® and Proscia have joined forces to deliver a best-in-class, unified solution that enables life sciences organizations to streamline research workflows and accelerate breakthroughs by better leveraging computational image data in research and discovery.

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