Concentriq® for Research is the digital pathology platform used by leading global pharma, emerging biotechs, and CROs to transform image-based research at scale. It unifies multi-site teams, data, and applications, harmonizing pathology operations to improve collaboration and unlock groundbreaking insights that accelerate drug discovery and development.

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Harmonize pathology operations across the connected enterprise

Concentriq for Research sits at the intersection of image management and computational pathology, and at the center of your R&D workflow. Our platform is:

  • Scalable: Enterprise-grade platform supporting unlimited users, data, and sites. Roles and permissions give you the control and visibility needed to manage a growing database of images and data.
  • Configurable: Customize your R&D workflow based on organizational needs with flexibility to build repositories, share and organize slides, and automatically scan into a repository.
  • Intuitive: Redesigned viewer enhancements designed by scientists and pathologists deliver workflow improvements to ease interactions with image-based data for the novice and advanced user.
  • Accessible: Connect experts across the distributed organization with powerful collaboration features. Standardize and consolidate data management and collection across the organization, encouraging the collection of consistent data across studies.
  • Connected: Open and highly interoperable with a comprehensive integration engine that allows seamless incorporation of applications developed by Proscia, in-house development teams, or validated third-parties into routine pathology workflows.
  • Productive: Improve R&D workflow efficiency and quality of research data with automated quality control (QC), an AI-enabled application for Concentriq for Research that helps identify commonly-occurring slide and image quality artifacts.

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14 of the top 20 pharma leaders run Concentriq

Concentriq for Research is used by leading life sciences organizations, including global pharma, emerging biotechs and CROs to transform image-based research and development at scale.

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Digital & computational pathology is transforming the R&D value chain — from discovery to market

Modern pathology software helps solve R&D’s biggest challenges. Learn how we support scientists, pathologists, technologists, and leaders with solutions to tackle today’s data volume, complex partnerships and processes by harmonizing people, data, and insights.

Solutions for Life Sciences

Harness the power of integrated image analysis at scale

Proscia partners with leading image analysis vendors to deliver a best-in-class, unified solution that enables life sciences organizations to streamline research workflows and accelerate breakthroughs by better leveraging computational image data in research and discovery.

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Thinking about making the switch from your current digital pathology software to Concentriq for Research?


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Concentriq for Research helps leading life sciences organizations do more with their pathology data. Contact us to see what Proscia can do for you.

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