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Introducing Jim Green, Proscia’s New VP of Global Sales, Life Sciences

By Proscia | July 11, 2024

Life sciences organizations were among the earliest adopters of digital pathology, and their investments aren’t slowing down. As they look to advance precision medicine by capitalizing on the proliferation of AI use cases and get novel therapies to patients, they have recognized it’s time to move beyond basic image viewing. They require an enterprise pathology platform that offers a precision medicine AI portfolio and spans discovery to diagnosis.

This is why the timing couldn’t be better to welcome Jim Green, our new Vice President of Global Sales, Life Sciences, to Proscia. A veteran sales leader, Jim brings an almost 20 year track record of helping life sciences organizations unlock the value in their data with innovative software solutions including data management, advanced analytics, and AI. He comes to Proscia following successful tenures at IQVIA, AWS, Databricks, and SAS, where he partnered with top pharmaceutical companies and CROs to solve some of their toughest business challenges from molecule to market. Jim is passionate about helping his customers accelerate drug R&D to provide patients with the lifesaving treatments they need. He looks forward to drawing on his strategic vision to expand the Concentriq community so that even more life sciences leaders can achieve this meaningful aim.

Get to know Jim in the Q&A below, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

What led you to join Proscia?
I have vast experience working with life sciences organizations from early stage drug discovery through commercialization and really enjoy helping them to leverage software solutions that optimize their R&D processes.

Proscia is the tip of the sphere in this. Concentriq is uniquely positioned to deliver benefits across the R&D value chain, helping our customers discover new life saving therapies and bring these to patients faster. This is a cause I want to be involved in leading. I was also very encouraged that 14 of the top 20 pharma companies and leading CROs trust Proscia’s software, as it’s a clear sign the company will continue to grow and make even more of an impact.  

Your title is VP of Global Sales, Life Sciences. In your own words, how do you describe your role?
I view my role as helping our customers to succeed. I am passionate about taking on their complex challenges, simplifying these problems down into manageable phases to work through, and finding the right solution in order to achieve the ultimate goal. 

This same passion translates to how I engage with our internal teams. I’m a servant leader who tirelessly works with our employees to streamline our own operations and share feedback from the field to ensure we provide innovative solutions that enable our customers to achieve their desired outcomes.

What about digital pathology excites you?
Digital pathology is playing such a transformative role, and there’s so much I could say in response to this question. One opportunity that stands out to me is being on the ground floor of the drug discovery process. It is exciting to think that we are having a major impact on the discovery of biomarkers that can eventually turn into life saving treatments. It is a monumental time for this stage of the R&D process in light of advancements in technology and precision medicine. With Concentriq, Proscia is well positioned to help life sciences organizations see through their early-stage innovations to market. 

What trend or innovation do you think will be most impactful over the next few years?
At the risk of sounding cliché, I feel that we are still just scratching the surface with regards to advancements in AI. As technology keeps evolving and data sources continue to exponentially expand, AI models will increasingly be refined to deliver more impactful results in a quicker manner. Proscia is embracing this innovation as part of the overall drug discovery and development process with an AI-enabled platform, a growing portfolio of precision medicine AI applications, and developer tools that enable our customers to build their own algorithms to drive more meaningful insights and results.

Is there anything else you want to share?
I’m a firm believer that Proscia is well positioned to not only innovate but also accelerate the drug discovery process for both pharma and CROs. Given my experience in this market, we are at an exciting and transformative time. I’m happy to discuss my thoughts on this topic further – or chat about football, baseball, hockey, and golf as well!

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