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Proscia Introduces New Image Analysis Applications – Expands its Pathology Cloud Platform

By Author Proscia | October 24, 2016

New applications on the platform enable acceleration of breakthroughs in the fight against cancer.


Proscia Inc, the industry’s leading provider of cloud solutions for digital pathology, announced today the availability of powerful image analysis applications for cancer research on the company’s Proscia Pathology Cloud platform at the Pathology Visions conference (booth #211), themed “Unleashing the Power of Digital Pathology.” Proscia is a data solutions provider for pathology, the practice of medicine dedicated to understanding and diagnosing disease.

The expansion to Proscia’s Pathology Cloud platform provides powerful technology for contract research organizations, biopharmaceutical companies, and academic institutions that enables the generation of quantitative insights from tissue often not observable by the human eye. The addition to Proscia’s platform includes functionality that facilitates the application of deep learning to tissue research and addresses many of the complexities of running image-based studies, providing a speedier and more cost-efficient path to discoveries in the fight against cancer.

“Quantitative digital pathology should be one of the most data-driven fields of medicine, yet remains one of the most technologically underdeveloped,” said Robert Veltri, Associate Professor of Urology and Oncology, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (retired June 30, 2016). “Proscia is bridging the technology gap for cancer research, discovery, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment”.

Proscia’s Pathology Cloud, a platform for managing whole slide images of tissue samples and corresponding data, offers both secure hosting and telepathology solutions. The expansion to the Proscia Pathology Cloud platform enhances a researcher’s ability to perform digital analysis
on not just one whole slide image but on entire research data sets.

Key new applications are:

  • Stain Specific Quantification: Extraction of clinically significant features on whole slide images stained with the most common biomarkers, including Ki-67, HER2, and PD-L1, a key biomarker in immunotherapy research, discovery, and drug development. Auto-calibrates to adjust for inter-technician stain variability and sample quality, saving time and improving analysis accuracy.
  • Biomarker Agnostic Analysis: Biomarker-agnostic quantification of several dozen features of interest in the study of disease development, status, and progression. Useful for new biomarker development.
  • High-Throughput Dataset Manipulation: Manage and analyze datasets at scale, including applications for data integration, creation of control ground-truth to facilitate computed-based cancer region detection, large-scale data migration, and cross-platform integration.

These three categories enable Proscia users to leverage the power of machine learning in a massively parallel computing environment to drive insights and discoveries unobtainable through traditional pathology.

“Quantitative image analysis is at the cutting edge of cancer research,” said David West, CEO of Proscia. “Proscia’s move into this exciting field provides our customers with a powerful platform at the intersection of infrastructure and informatics. Our product is designed to change how discovery happens, from a process that takes months to one that happens in days.”

Proscia is partnering with academic medical centers, contract research organizations, and biopharmaceutical companies to put pathology information to use in fighting cancer.

About Proscia

Proscia, a Baltimore, MD company, was founded in 2014 by a team out of Johns Hopkins, the Moffitt Cancer Center, and the University of Pittsburgh to improve clinical outcomes and accelerate the discovery of breakthrough advancements in the fight against cancer. Using modern computing technologies that unlock hidden data not visible to the human eye and turning that data into valuable insights in the fight against cancer, the company is dedicated to improving the efficiency, speed and quality of pathology diagnostics and research.

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