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Proscia® and the American Cancer Society Partner to Give Patients Hope for Effective Treatment

By Author Proscia | December 5, 2019

Support for the American Cancer Society’s national Hope Lodge program enables a home away from home for patients and their caregivers.

Philadelphia – December 5, 2019 Proscia, a leading provider of AI-enabled digital pathology software, and the American Cancer Society (ACS) announce a partnership to advance their shared goal of improving patient outcomes through successful treatment. Proscia has formally pledged a portion of its 2020 revenue to the ACS Hope Lodge program, which provides free lodging for patients and their caregivers when the best hope for effective treatment is far from home.* The ACS will help Proscia to raise awareness of the impact of digital pathology among its national network of payers, providers, and advocates.

Close to two million Americans are expected to be diagnosed with cancer next year. Many of these patients will experience the best outcomes with access to advanced therapies that are often only available at major cancer centers located far from their homes. As a result, patients can be forced to settle for less effective treatment, or even forego treatment all together, if they are unable to afford lodging.

The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge program provides a free, temporary home away from home for cancer patients and their caregivers. More than just a roof over their heads, Hope Lodge is a nurturing community that helps patients access the care they need. It offers a supportive, homelike environment where guests can share a meal, join in the evening’s activities, or unwind in their own private rooms. With more than 30 locations across the United States and Puerto Rico, Hope Lodge lessens the financial strain and improves the quality of life for thousands of families each year.

Proscia’s founders visit the ACS Hope Lodge in Philadelphia, PA – one of 30+ Hope Lodge locations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico

To further advance the partnership’s shared goal of improving patient outcomes, the ACS will help Proscia to raise awareness among its national network of payers, providers, and advocates about the growing need to adopt digital pathology. Proscia is transforming the 150-year-old manual and subjective practice of pathology to ensure early and accurate detection of diseases like cancer. As successful cancer treatment hinges on accurate pathology findings, Proscia is working to accelerate diagnosis while uncovering new insights that fulfill the promise of personalized medicine.

“At Proscia, the patient is the driving force behind our mission to perfect cancer diagnosis with intelligent software,” said David West, CEO. “Our partnership with the ACS is an extension of this mission, and our support of Hope Lodge serves as a tangible reminder of why we have dedicated ourselves to transforming the practice of pathology at a time when taking on the fight against cancer is more critical than ever before.”

In the U.S. alone, the total number of cancer cases is expected to rise 55% by 2030. This growing cancer burden means that more patients will require diagnosis and access to treatment. Today’s practice of pathology cannot keep pace with this demand. Pathologists have faced a 42% increase in diagnostic workload over the last decade, during which the population of trained pathologists has declined by 17%.

“The ACS is excited to partner with Proscia, an organization that shares our commitment to ensuring each cancer patient receives the most successful treatment,” said Ruth Ann Dailey, Vice President, Regional Distinguished Partners, of the American Cancer Society. “We are grateful for Proscia’s support in providing help and hope to patients going through treatment today, and we look forward to working closely together to improve patient outcomes.”

About Proscia
Proscia is an AI software company that is changing the way the world practices pathology to transform cancer research and diagnosis. With the company’s Concentriq digital pathology platform and pipeline of AI algorithms, laboratories are leveraging new kinds of data to improve patient outcomes and accelerate discoveries. Proscia’s team of technologists, scientists, and pathologists is bringing a fresh approach to an outdated industry, helping the world to keep pace with the increasing demand for pathology services and fulfill the promise of precision care. For more information, visit

About the American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society is a global grassroots force of 1.5 million volunteers dedicated to saving lives, celebrating lives, and leading the fight for a world without cancer. From breakthrough research, to free lodging near treatment, a 24/7/365 live helpline, free rides to treatment, and convening powerful activists to create awareness and impact, the Society is the only organization attacking cancer from every angle. For more information go to

*Proscia has formally pledged a portion of its 2020 gross revenue to benefit the ACS Hope Lodge program. This pledge will meet or exceed $50,000.

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