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Pathology is Going Digital: Is Your Lab Ready?

Nathan Buchbinder
By Nathan Buchbinder | November 10, 2017

Proscia recently hosted “Pathology is Going Digital. Is Your Lab Ready?,” a webinar focused on the evolution of digital pathology towards clinical adoption and beyond. The featured presenter Dr. Nicolas Cacciabeve is the managing member of Advanced Pathology Associates, an independent practice consisting of 15 pathologists and serving 7 hospitals. Dr. Cacciabeve is an adopter of Proscia’s recently launched clinical offering.

Dr. Cacciabeve described why the organization chose to adopt digital pathology and its roll-out of Proscia’s offering, starting with tumor boards and peer reviews and moving on to a consultation portal and digital IHC. He additionally shared his thoughts on the necessity and inevitability of AI and computational pathology as part of the process of digitization – thoughts that Proscia shares and which CEO David West recently wrote about in VentureBeat.

To answer the question that may be on your mind, is your lab ready for the digital transformation? Absolutely! Along with discussing interesting themes in digital pathology, Dr. Cacciabeve also demonstrates the scalability and flexibility of adopting digital pathology software. Advanced Pathology Associates started with tumor boards and case reviews, and is now in the process of scaling into an increasingly digital workflow. Watch the full webinar here.

One key point to remember, it is important to start now. Labs that adopt digital hold a distinct advantage over those that don’t. Your lab is ready for digital pathology today.

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