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Life sciences organizations are generating massive amounts of pathology data at the heart of their research. With millions of new images and increasingly complex data, R&D teams at the cutting edge are quickly outgrowing legacy systems. Clunky approaches to digital pathology can slow down R&D progress, scatter data across silos, and limit scientific potential.

To harmonize complex tissue-based research across the enterprise, life sciences organizations deserve a unified digital pathology ecosystem that brings together people, data, and technologies – like scanners, information systems, and image analysis applications. With a modern platform in place, R&D teams can unlock expensive bottlenecks and leverage data to its fullest potential across pre-clinical research, clinical trials, companion diagnostics, and more.

Innovators in Pathology Spotlight

Joint Pathology Center

The Joint Pathology Center (JPC) is digitizing the world’s largest repository of human tissue data to unleash a new wave of transformative research. Dating back to the Civil War, this archive contains over 55 million glass slides and 31 million tissue blocks, which provide an invaluable source of medical data. JPC selected Proscia’s Concentriq for Research image and data management platform to serve as the scalable foundation for this groundbreaking effort. With Concentriq for Research, JPC is unifying pathology operations, providing intuitive, secure access to its repository and streamlining collaboration for a global network of researchers and clinicians.

This transformation underscores the impact of a modern approach to digital pathology. Now that it has the right platform in place, JPC can realize even more value from its data, enabling medical advances that shape our understanding and diagnosis of disease.

Read the Press Release: Joint Pathology Center Selects Proscia’s Concentriq for Modernization of World’s Largest Human Tissue RepositoryLink Arrow

Realize New Benefits and Accelerate Breakthroughs

Create a centralized digital pathology ecosystem for day-to-day operations

Improve data accessibility for added efficiency, visibility, and consistency

Streamline sharing and collaboration to better connect multi-site teams and CRO’s

Unlock new insights from existing data to drive new breakthroughs

Future-proof your investment with an open, interoperable solution

Achieve the performance you need with flexible deployment options

Eliminate time-consuming, error prone manual tasks with automation

Protect your data with robust security and privacy controls

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A modern solution meets all of your needs

Biopharma Research Teams

Biopharma organizations must connect their global teams to growing volumes of data, networks of CROs, and computational applications – all without sacrificing IT costs or performance. The right image management system combines an intuitive and robust feature set with interoperability and best-of-breed infrastructure to securely scale digital pathology across the enterprise.

Contract Research Organizations

CROs have their own unique set of requirements as they look to accelerate the delivery of higher quality results to their clients. Intuitive data organization and streamlined, secure sharing are enabling CROs to shorten timelines and improve collaboration, helping their clients to make faster, more informed decisions.

IT & Operations

From managing the massive file sizes of whole slide images to ensuring data privacy, your IT environment is critical to successfully deploying and scaling digital pathology. With a modern solution, IT teams can overcome the limitations of legacy systems while gaining the flexibility to meet their specific back-end requirements.

Concentriq for Research is an open digital pathology image management system used by leading life sciences organizations and academic institutions to generate big data insights from tissue-based research. It serves as a central hub for managing single or multi-site studies, connecting image analysis applications, information systems, and scanners to streamline image-based workflows at scale.

Leading Biopharma companies, including 10 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies are accelerating research and discovery with Concentriq for Research.

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