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Growth for CROs is strong — nearly 8% per year through 20301 — due to increasing R&D investment, patent expirations for blockbuster drugs, and tighter time and cost constraints.

To take advantage of this trend, CROs must offer faster, higher impact results. Top organizations are adopting digital pathology and AI solutions to help them deliver higher value services to a growing roster of sponsors.

Concentriq® for Research — Proscia’s enterprise digital pathology platform — is trusted by leading pharmas and CROs to transform their workflows and accelerate R&D timelines helping them bring new, life-saving therapeutics to market faster.

1 Grand View Research, Healthcare Contract Research Organization Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report.

Dr. Alexi Baidoshvili

“Concentriq for Research is the only platform that offers the robust feature set and scalability essential to meeting the evolving needs of our scientists and the biopharmaceutical organizations that we serve.”

Dr. Wendell P. Davis, Vice President of Pathology, Altasciences

Maximize your value as a partner

With Concentriq for Research at the center of pathology operations, CROs can:

Elevate your standard for quality service

Deliver faster, more informed results by integrating the latest advancements in image analysis, artificial intelligence, and data visualization.

Optimize efficiency and accelerate turnaround

Replace cumbersome manual processes and outdated slide-based pathology with process automation solutions and enhanced data access.

Ensure regulatory compliance and data integrity

Concentriq for Research offers robust capabilities for GLP compliance so your data is protected and traceable at every step.

Drive collaboration and unify expertise

The cloud-based Concentriq for Research platform lets teams and sponsors across sites seamlessly share pathology images, annotations, and results.

Maximize return on investment

Eliminate the need for physical slide management to allocate more resources to critical research functions.


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