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Make the switch to Concentriq® for Research

Thinking about making the switch from your current digital pathology software* to Concentriq for Research?

You’re not alone. Many R&D organizations in life sciences have hit the wall with traditional slide viewers, image management systems and homegrown solutions. Here’s why:

  • Scanner lock in: It was cheap (or free) at first, but now it’s costing you a fortune to maintain
  • Outdated technology: It doesn’t support cloud, AI, spatial biology, fluorescence, or multiplexing, preventing you from accelerating R&D
  • Poor user experience: It cobbles together workflow across multiple panes of glass instead of centralizing case data for faster, better analysis

Switching to Concentriq, or getting started on our cloud-based platform is easy.

Call our Business Development team at (215) 515-7331

Download our Rapid Deployment Package Brochure

We have seen many life science organizations switch from legacy solutions to Concentriq for Research because they wanted:

  • A scalable, enterprise-ready, scanner-agnostic platform built for research
  • Out-of-the-box API to accommodate any AI algorithm
  • Bidirectional integration with leading image analysis solutions including VisioPharm and Indica Halo
  • Rapid deployment in the cloud to get up and running quickly
  • Implementation backed by a world-class service team of specialists
  • A unified workflow for people, data and applications
  • Seamless simultaneous upgrades delivered via the cloud with minimal disruptions
  • Customizable training options with a user-focused platform specialist

The Next-Generation Digital Pathology Checklist

How does your current solution stand up to the next generation of digital pathology?

Concentriq for Research Rapid Deployment Package

Legacy Image Management Systems

Slide Viewer

Security and privacy enablement

Supports all leading scanners

Cloud-based platform

Robust image and data management with advanced permission settings

Powerful 3rd party integration and interoperability

Intuitive User experience

Interactive collaboration between internal and external peers

Rapid implementation with minimal disruption to business

Standardized data collection and storage

*NOTE: You can switch to Concentriq for Research from digital pathology software including Leica (Aperio) eSM, Indica HALO Link, PathCore Flow, and Deciphex Patholytix.

Switching Made Easy

The Concentriq for Research Rapid Deployment Package

Here at Proscia, we want you to have a fast and seamless migration experience — one that minimizes costs and interruptions to your business. This is why we’ve created the Concentriq for Research Rapid Deployment Package. This offering combines Concentriq for Research, Professional Edition — deployed in the cloud — with proven consulting and implementation services. The result is a fast, easy, cost-effective implementation that gets you where you need to go with speed and confidence.

Whether you are a small-to-medium biopharma, contract research organization (CRO), or a large multinational pharma, Concentriq for Research scales to meet your needs now and in the future.

Switch to Concentriq for Research knowing that our digital pathology solution will scale as your business grows.

Infinitely scalable enterprise-class platform built to accelerate R&D

Proscia’s Concentriq for Research is built to accommodate your growing R&D objectives. From an initial deployment to a complex, multi-site operation, Concentriq for Research scales across any number of users, teams, and third-party collaborators.

Leading interoperability and an open API

Concentriq for Research sits at the center of your lab’s digital ecosystem, offering robust integration with leading scanners, LIS, and image analysis applications. With our open API and easy-to-use developer tools, you can quickly build next-generation applications and integrate them into the platform to better support end-to-end R&D pathology workflows.

Resources and training for a quick ramp up

When you move to Concentriq for Research, your users want to get up and running immediately.
This is why we offer tiered levels of training and support from specialists who fully understand the work of R&D pathology. We’re entirely focused on our platform, and providing the support you need to succeed is one of our most important jobs as a company.

Our Professional Services team is ready when you are

Change isn’t easy, but the payoff can be tremendous. This is why we’re here to help. Your migration starts with a world-class service organization and implementation team standing behind you. This team assigns you a project manager (PM) who acts as your single point of contact. To speed deployment and ensure success, your PM follows a project plan that uses standardization, accelerators, and a methodology proven to work.

The PM also acts as your project glue — facilitating communication between your stakeholders and Proscia. Whatever you need, your PM is there to help push your project along and move you quickly to the next generation of digital pathology for R&D.

Fast Implementation

We see most businesses complete their migration process within three months. Our migration plan also includes training designed for rapid user adoption. You’ll be up and running in no time at all.

Minimal disruption and no data loss

Our approach is designed to keep disruptions to a minimum and keep your data intact. We make it easy for you to import your data, automate image uploads, integrate with other digital pathology solutions, and more.

Data Migration

We demonstrate migration techniques, communicate best practices, and guide your team through the migration of each identified dataset. The goal is to faithfully represent your pre-existing data within the platform to get you up and running as soon as possible.

The five phases of switching

Each phase of your journey comes with an associated plan and timeline, during which we work with your team or partners every step of the way.

Your pre-purchase checklist

We recommend considering the following items to prepare for your Concentriq for Research implementation. Our team can walk you through the process.

  1. Review and document your existing digital pathology workflows
  2. Record your existing system: data collection and management, integrations, workflows, and automation
  3. Ensure your organization has access to both current and archived R&D data
  4. Upskill your team on Concentriq for Research by checking out our Explore Concentriq webinar series
  5. Start developing a change management and communication plan

Your success is our success

Even after your implementation, Proscia remains on your side. We’re here to guide you as you grow and scale. We can provide:

  • Answers to your questions and proven best practices
  • Additional key functionalities based on market insights to help you continue to scale your operations
  • Best-in-class enablement resources to ensure continuous learning and opportunities for your organization to expand your services

Who’s on Concentriq for Research?

Concentriq for Research is used by leading life sciences organizations, including global pharma, emerging biotechs, and CROs to transform image-based research at scale

Move faster on a cloud-based digital pathology platform.

Switching to Concentriq for Research, or getting started on our platform is easy. Call our Business Development team at (215) 515-7331

Download our Rapid Deployment Package Brochure

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