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What’s New in Concentriq for Research v3.8

By Proscia | January 9, 2023

Digital and computational pathology are transforming the R&D value chain – from discovery to market. As the trusted leader in life sciences, Concentriq for Research has allowed our customers working on discovery research to get the most out of their data. Our platform delivers fast and secure access to research, enables efficient multi-site collaboration, and forges seamless integration with third-party applications.

Now, with the release of Concentriq for Research 3.8, you have even more features at your fingertips to drive research success in life sciences. If you’re a scientist, new platform features make it easier to work with fluorescence while enhancing the image-viewing experience and empowering you to maintain research productivity. If you’re a lab administrator or an IT pro in charge of maintaining the platform, new administrative features make your life easier while helping to ensure data security. 

So, what’s new exactly? Let’s dive in:  

Fluorescent Images: Better Standardization
The new release of Concentriq for Research helps you maintain consistency for fluorescent images and data management across the organization. Support for the metadata specific to fluorescent images in project templates and metadata field libraries drives the standardization of data. As a result, there is no need for researchers to manually enter pseudo colors or biomarker names within a repository. Instead, the platform enables researchers to standardize the metadata for all images – within a study or across studies. 

New platform features make it easier to work with fluorescent images

Image Viewing: New Enhancements
The previous version of Concentriq for Research released an exciting and widely used multiview feature that allowed users to compare multiple images side by side. The latest release expands this functionality with support for parallel review of a large number of images. Now it is even easier for researchers to compare images and manage workflows more efficiently. 

Improved image viewing with Concentriq for Research 3.8

Administration: Improved controls for image-level permissions
Enabling image access across your global enterprise of scientists is critical for advancing research and making headway on new drug discovery. But it also presents a unique challenge to life science organizations aiming to keep their data secure. The latest update to Concentriq for Research gives administrators greater control and flexibility when it comes to managing image access so that you can accelerate the pace of research. Advanced permission-level settings, for instance, enable project managers to better control the deletion of images. This helps to ease concerns regarding the accidental loss of critical image data. 

Transformation Ahead
The new features discussed here are just some of the updates that continue to make Concentriq for Research a world-class pathology R&D platform that is trusted by more than half of the top 20 life science organizations. Proscia remains committed to delivering solutions that drive innovation and discovery for our customers. With Concentriq for Research, your organization can optimize innovation, improve R&D efficiency, and transform the way you do science and understand disease. 

Learn More
To learn more about how fluorescent imaging accelerates R&D, check out our Explore Concentriq webinar: Accelerating Fluorescent Image Based Research (11:00AM EST, February 1, 2022) hosted by Angelos Skordas. Register here.

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