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Going Digital: The Whys and Hows of Adopting Digital Pathology

APR 24, 2018
4pm ET

Nathan Buchbinder

VP of Operations, Proscia

Dr. Olga Colgan

Director of Marketing,
Leica Biosystems
Pathology Imaging

Dr. Alexander Baras

Assoc. Director of Pathology,
Johns Hopkins Medicine

In recent years, digital pathology has gone from an intriguing idea to an integral part of how academic and commercial labs operate. Join Leica Biosystems and Proscia Digital Pathology as they discuss why institutions are going digital today and how they approach best practices in digital implementation. Hear from an adopter of digital pathology, about the promise they saw in this technology, how easy it was to implement, and how their work has changed because of adopting it. Learn the exciting potential that digital and computational medicine hold for pathology, and discover why now is the time to bring digital pathology into your organization.

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The Future of Computational Pathology

David West

CEO, Proscia

Coleman Stavish

CTO, Proscia

Dr. Nicolas Cacciabeve

Managing Director at
Advanced Pathology Associates

Digital pathology has changed dramatically in the past five years, and is seeing broader clinical adoption. Join Proscia as they talk about the evolution of digital pathology towards clinical adoption, describe how leveraging Proscia's clinical offering today generates revenue and drives workflow efficiency, and explore how computational pathology and artificial intelligence will transform labs and patient care.

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