Digital pathology has changed dramatically in the past five years, and is seeing broader clinical adoption. Join Proscia’s CEO and CTO and Dr. Nicolas Cacciabeve, Managing Director at Advanced Pathology Associates, as they talk about the evolution of digital pathology towards clinical adoption, describe how leveraging Proscia's clinical offering today generates revenue and drives workflow efficiency, and explore how computational pathology and artificial intelligence will transform labs and patient care.

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Get Excited About Digital Pathology

Dr. Nicolas Cacciabeve on why now is the time to be excited about advances in digital pathology

The Benefits of Going Digital

Why is Advanced Pathology Associates going digital? What’s in it for you?

How Will AI Drive Accuracy?

A pathologist’s perspective on the power of AI in the laboratory setting

The application of digital pathology in our practice will transform both the economics and profits of our practice and most importantly improve patient outcomes.

dr. nicolas cacciabeve

managing director,
advanced pathology associates

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