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Scale Digital Pathology Operations Across the Enterprise: Concentriq for Research Now Features UX Updates & Enhanced Administrative Capabilities

By Proscia | April 29, 2020

The Spring 2020 release of Concentriq® for Research offers powerful new configurations for digital pathology operations and streamlines the user experience.

As life sciences and academic organizations expand their use of digital pathology software in research and development, it is critical that they can easily conduct single and multi-site studies involving massive volumes of images and different internal and external stakeholders. The Spring 2020 release of Concentriq for Research delivers a streamlined user experience and enhanced administrative capabilities, critical elements for scaling up digital operations across the research enterprise. 

Updates include improvements to user management and repository sharing, along with a completely revamped roles and permissions framework. The Spring 2020 release of Concentriq for Research helps organizations of any size to:

  • Ensure data security and integrity through configurable user roles and permissions
  • Streamline sharing and collaboration with simplified, intuitive image repository sharing options
  • Control access to the system with enhanced user management options

Contact us to give the new Concentriq for Research a try, or keep reading to learn more about some of the key updates.

Revamped roles and permissions ensure data security and integrity

Concentriq for Research now has a page dedicated to a robust, configurable roles and permissions framework. Roles enable admins to group users with similar functional needs and can be created, configured, and updated at any time. Permissions enable admins to ensure every role has just the right amount of access and available functionality. 

A set of roles and permissions tailored to and configured for your organization is implemented at deployment. After go-live, roles can be created or updated at any time. This update helps organizations ensure data security across a scaled up implementation that could span multiple departments.

Simplified sharing options streamline collaboration 

We’ve refreshed and simplified image repository sharing to make it all the more intuitive. Users still have the same flexibility to share image repositories or groups of repositories to users with different permission levels, but the permission level options have been simplified for a better user experience. 

Even though these options have been simplified, the new roles and permissions framework provides admins will granular control over their data. This ensures that your organization has all the flexibility it needs to streamline sharing and collaboration without sacrificing data security and integrity.

Other enhancements

This update includes a handful of other enhancements including:

  • Additional user management options
  • New annotation tool
  • New help and feedback page
  • Refreshed usage metrics
  • Other UX enhancements

Our aim is to make Concentriq for Research the best solution for enterprise-scale digital pathology, offering the configurability and robust functionality required. If you’d like to learn more about how the updated Concentriq for Research can benefit your organization, contact us to get a conversation started. 

You can always learn more about Concentriq for Research here. You can also register for our upcoming webinar, Accelerated Throughput & Improved Collaboration: Strengthening the Researcher-CRO Relationship with Digital Pathology,” featuring CRO NeuroScience Associates on May 14th at 12PM ET. Attendees will get a deep diver into how research organizations and CROs are using Concentriq for Research to optimize R&D.

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