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Proscia’s Platform: Award-Winning Software

By Sydney Fenkel | June 28, 2017

Proscia CEO David West writes about analyst firm Frost & Sullivan’s recent commendation of Proscia as a “game-changing company in digital pathology.”

Today, I am proud and honored to share that Proscia has received the 2017 Best Practices in Enabling Technology Leadership Award in Digital Pathology from independent analyst firm Frost & Sullivan. Our team has worked very hard to create the best solution for our customers, and recognition from this highly respected organization means a lot to each us.

When I received the call F&S, of course I was excited, but what gave me pause was their comment, “Game-Changing Company in Digital Pathology”. At the end of the day, this is what drives us at Proscia – creating and selling a product that transforms the way pathologists and researchers treat and cure cancer. We knew at the start it would be an uphill battle to convince pathologists and researchers to lift their heads up from the analog microscope and embrace technologies like cloud computing and machine learning, but our solution works and the benefits are compelling. Coupled with the FDA’s recent approval of the first Whole Slide Imaging system for primary diagnostis, which removes a significant barrier to adoption, the recognition from Frost & Sullivan helps to validate our market, our business model, and our product. A huge shout out and “thank you” to the talented team at Proscia for their passion and incredibly hard work, and to all those who took a bet on us, believe in us, and support us.

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