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Digital Pathology Benefits Go Beyond The Pathologist: Concentriq Functionality Lab Managers Will Love

By Author Proscia | April 30, 2019


The Spring 2019 release of Concentriq™ delivers powerful features and functionality that benefit stakeholders in laboratory management and leadership. From a performance analytics dashboard to robust new automation features and actions within worklists and the viewer, this release enables labs to gain insights into lab and pathologist performance, empowers existing workflows with automation that drives quality and productivity, and reduces the time spent on logistics of the day-to-day practice of pathology.

Our Inspiration

Even for image-based digital workflows, today’s dependence on manual processes for the distribution, organization, and tracking of cases creates significant operational overhead for the lab. The lab manager must be able to quickly understand the lab’s workload and easily track performance – she shouldn’t have to manually enter data into spreadsheets or play hide-and-seek with cases that have gone missing. The medical director should have transparency into not only her own workload, but also into how each of her medical staff is performing. The pathologist should have all of the information that she needs at her fingertips – she shouldn’t rely on sheets of paper to indicate status or track down missing slides and slide orders. These unaddressed problems create inefficiency for laboratories at a time when the reimbursement landscape makes lab productivity particularly important.

A well-thought out and well-deployed digital pathology system has the ability to impact the performance of the pathologist as well as the management and operation of the lab as a whole. In the pursuit of and focus on delivering tools for single image or single case assessments, legacy pathology systems have under-delivered in the value they can provide both to single pathologists and the whole laboratory as a process-driven operation. Image- based workflows demand a robust digital pathology platform.

New in Concentriq

This Spring 2019 release introduces impactful product functionality, including: a performance analytics metrics dashboard; intuitive, automation-enabled worklists; and an enhanced quick-action case viewer.

Performance Analytics Metrics Dashboard

Offering a consolidated visual display of a myriad of insight-driving metrics related to productivity and quality of lab operations, the performance analytics dashboard offers laboratory administrative and operational leadership the ability to identify real-time and historic trends in lab performance.

  • Clear, intuitive graphical display of current and historic data
  • Historic and real-time trend identification
  • Interactable figures at the slide, case, pathologist, and laboratory level
  • Universal and individualized metric tracking, set during configuration


Intuitive, Automation-Enabled Worklists

This update includes intuitive workflows for filtering and triaging of cases by status and importance. Featuring built-in automation, this new dashboard is the primary workspace for driving productive, high-quality pathology.

  • Automatically create cases and assign them to pathologists
  • Balance and prioritize cases automatically in your pathologists’ worklists through rule-based configurations
  • Search and filter workflows
  • Automated trigger-based notifications and alerts (notification center coming soon)
  • Enhance QA review with automated, targeted case selection and tracking
  • Dynamic mini-metrics display, which serves as an easy-to-understand visual summary of the user or organization’s daily workload and performance
  • Bi-directional LIS integration


Enhanced Quick-Action Case Viewer

The Spring 2019 release includes enhancements to Concentriq’s already-powerful case viewer and introduces a brand new set of functionalities, collectively called “Case Actions.” Case actions automatically drive the movement of each case through the lab’s configured workflows and workflow stages as well as serve as the point of interaction between the pathologist and her cases. This enhancement gives users the ability to:

  • Track all cases before and after submitting orders and requests
  • Perform role, workflow, and status-specific actions
  • Move to the next case in their worklist in under a second
  • Preview remaining worklist as cases are reviewed


The Impact

The new release extends Concentriq’s comprehensive image and workflow management platform to help lab managers and administrators make data-driven decisions and realize efficiency gains within the pathology workflow. Concentriq optimizes lab operations and powers high-quality pathology labs. This is a quantum leap forward in making digital pathology matter for the lab’s bottom line.

Harness analytics to gain insights into lab and pathologist performance: It’s impossible to improve on what you don’t understand, and it’s hard to understand what you’re not measuring. The Spring 2019 release puts the power of business intelligence and performance reporting in the hands of lab management. Going beyond simply understanding these trends, the Concentriq platform allows the lab to gain a deeper understanding of how it’s performing in order to drive optimal performance through enhanced automation functionality.

“A recent survey found that 70% of healthcare CIOs had a concrete strategy and vision of analytics deployment throughout their organizations. Is your lab one of them?”
– “Health Systems are Increasingly Focused on Analytics, Survey Says,” MedCity News

Empower existing workflows with automation that drives quality and productivity: The non-digital routine anatomic pathology workflow is full of processes and steps that add time and complexity to how a case moves through the lab. Digital pathology, if applied incorrectly, only adds to this burden. Concentriq automates many of the mundane, time-consuming, and error prone tasks that make up the traditional and digital case workflow.

Explore This Release

This product release was shaped through hundreds of conversations with laboratory managers and leadership, pathologists, and techs. Let us show you how Concentriq is built for a lab like yours. We’ll be hosting a demonstration webinar focused on the Spring 2019 release on Thursday, May 9 at 12PM ET, and I encourage you to register here.

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