Deep Learning and BeyondDevelop pathology's "killer app" with Proscia

Algorithm Partner Program is an opportunity created by Proscia to connect those with data to those with algorithms. Pathology Cloud provides a high-performance computing environment and API that allows people who have algorithms to distribute them to the hundreds of users on the platform today. To make this a success, we need companies or individuals with strong image analysis algorithms and a desire to drive monetization. We also need pathology experts who want early access to advanced algorithms and can help validate cutting-edge technology.

Algorithm Developer

Software companies and researchers that are building algorithms for digital pathology may be eligible to host their took on Pathology Cloud.

How You Benefit

  • Host algorithm in high-performance cloud environment
  • Distribute algorithm to hundreads of users already on Pathology Cloud
  • Grow sales with access to global, market channels
  • Access to data within Proscia database
  • Early access to internally developed computational tools
  • Leverage Proscia's marketing resources

What We Need From You

  • Significant proof of concept for your algorithm
    • Existing Publications ideal
  • Demonstrate need for algorithm in medicine and medical research
  • Ability to clearly communicate algorithm
  • Willingness to move quickly

Pathology Experts

A key component of Proscia's Algorithm Partnership Program is the participation of enterprise partners and individual expert pathologists. Individual pathologists play a key role in identifying areas of interest - both in the market and on the slide. Pathology departments or medical research organizations with specific needs for computational tools are encouraged to discuss with Proscia the opportunity to co-develop solutions.

How You Benefit

  • Analyze your data with state of the art deep learning and other image analysis techniques
  • Opportunity for published medical research
  • Possible royalty or licensing opportunity
  • Compensation for time and expertise
  • Early access to tools for your lab

What We Need from You

  • Ability to provide feedback on Proscia algorithms
  • Expert knowledge of particular domain
  • Understanding of market needs
  • If proposing co-development project:
    • Access to decision makers
    • Data resources and willingness to make time commitment