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Make Your Move: Introducing the Digital Transformation Playbook from Proscia

By Proscia | September 17, 2021

The practice of pathology is modernizing faster than ever before. Driven by digital transformation, laboratories are realizing unprecedented clinical and economic gains that streamline operations and elevate the role of the pathologist. These organizations are evolving their business models to overcome systemic challenges while opening entirely new possibilities to carry out their commitment to excellent patient care.

The digital transformation of a pathology laboratory is a massive undertaking. It’s not as simple as installing software, buying a scanner, and hoping for the best. While this shift from glass to digital is powered by technology, it represents a fundamental change across all aspects of the pathology practice to reshape processes and empower teams with these new solutions. A lack of understanding, gaps in leadership, or the inertia instilled by the complexity of the initiative can be crippling. Leaders may also have limited time and attention to manage such an initiative, as they will always have other competing clinical or administrative priorities.  

We, at Proscia, established a Digital Transformation Office to guide organizations throughout all stages of their digital journeys. Drawing on the collective expertise within Proscia—pathologists with extensive clinical and leadership experience and digital pathology thought leaders—as well as our relationships with leading diagnostic laboratories and research organizations, including LabPON, Unilabs, and the Joint Pathology Center, the Office serves as a trusted advisor in defining and achieving each organization’s digital imperative.  

In carrying out this mission, we partner closely with pathologists and laboratory leaders to demystify the path to digital through both a consultative approach and educational resources. This is why we’ve developed a Digital Transformation Playbook, which provides a framework along with tools and insights to help users shape strategic thinking, support change management, and integrate technology efficiently and effectively into pathology practices. With the guidance provided, laboratories can ensure alignment across stakeholders and make more confident decisions to unlock new sources of value sooner. 

The Playbook is organized so that you can plug into the process at any stage, depending on your needs. Ultimately, the playbook will consist of the following three sections:

Software and system component selection is one of the most important decisions you will make during this transition—that’s why we’ve made this section available first. Learn the general considerations you should be aware of when selecting your system and why the software platform you choose should be the center of your solution.

  • Making the Business Case for Digital Transformation

COMING SOON! This section will help you determine WHY you need to go digital, help you determine use cases and then make the case—including insight into the economic impact of the decision—for implementation.

  • Developing A Change Management Strategy

COMING SOON! Designed to assist you in assembling a team, engaging IT and understanding the regulatory environment, this section will help you put the pathologist at the center of your transformation and provide helpful hints and checklists as you prepare.


Now Available On-Demand: How to Make a Successful Business Case for Digital Pathology Adoption

Join Giovanni Lujan, MD, Associate Professor of Pathology and Associate Director of Digital and Computational Pathology at The Ohio State University, and Prosica’s own Dr. Monica Santamaria-Fries as they talk about tools needed to convey the vision, explain the rationale, elicit support, ensure organizational buy-in, and secure the required funding for digital transformation. 

View the webinar on-demand for free here.

If you have any questions about the digital journey, or would just like a little help along the way, contact us today. We’re ready to help you make your move.

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