Proscia’s Office of Digital Transformation is here to guide you throughout every stage of the digital journey – serving as your trusted advisor in defining and achieving your digital imperative.

We partner with pathology and laboratory leaders through a consultative approach, and by providing a range of educational resources and insights at every step to help you modernize and advance your pathology practice.


The Digital Transformation Playbook

We built this Playbook to help you shape strategic thinking and planning, support change management, and integrate technology efficiently and effectively into pathology practices.

Digital Pathology Transformation: A Guide to Digital Pathology Solution Selection

Selecting the right technology ecosystem for your digital pathology practice is one of the most important decisions you will make. Your solution must meet the unique needs of your lab today, and into the future.

Inside this Playbook, you will find actionable steps, helpful tips and downloadable reference guides for what to look for in a software and image management system, scanners and monitors.


Future Ready Pathology

Hear from pathology and healthcare innovators about how you can capitalize on trends reshaping diagnostic medicine today, and the technologies powering the digital future for the world’s largest laboratory networks.



Case Study: The Implementation of AI-enabled Pathology in Clinical Practice

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In this webinar, Alexi Baidoshvili, MD, PhD, Professor, anatomic pathologist from LabPON, and Arun Ananth, Chief Commercial Officer from Proscia, share insights from a recent Case Study for digital and computational pathology – including key results from testing the interoperability of Proscia’s Concentriq® Dx digital pathology software platform and the IBEX GalenTM Platform.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • The business case for digitization, and insights on technology decisions and investments.
  • How AI-enabled workflows give pathologists a complete view of a fully integrated worklist.
  • Study results showing the impressive accuracy of AI in aiding diagnosis.
  • The importance of integrating AI applications directly into routine pathology workflows.


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Additional Digital Transformation Resources

Customer Video:

Hear how our customer LabPON, the first laboratory in the world to achieve 100% digital pathology diagnosis, is scaling its routine practice with Concentriq®.


Zoomed-In Podcast:
Putting the Pathologist at the Center

From improved quality of care to physician well-being, hear about the impact of digitization on the pathologist’s experience.


“Why Now Is the Time to Hang Up Your Microscope: How Digital Pathology Is Improving the Pathologist Experience.”

Learn how a rapidly approaching future of AI-enabled digital pathology will improve quality of care and physician well-being.

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Anatomic Pathology at the Tipping Point?

Streamline operations, increase revenue, and deliver a higher quality of patient care. Organize the evidence you need to help build your business case for going digital.


Get Started, Or Pick Up The Pace

Our Digital Transformation Office is headed by digital and computational pathology technologists and practitioners who are fully committed to helping you enhance your practice with new solutions to streamline operations, elevate the role of the pathologist, and open new opportunities for delivering on their commitment to excellent patient care.

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