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Introducing The Latest Version Of Concentriq Dx: The Perfect Fit For Your Laboratory

Nathan Buchbinder
By Nathan Buchbinder | October 12, 2022

Laboratories have increasingly adopted digital pathology for many reasons – from driving productivity gains to address  the shortage of pathologists to improving quality to deliver on their commitment to excellent patient care. As these laboratories have seen a clear return on investment from their initial implementations, their conversation is shifting from how to get started to how to achieve 100% digital diagnosis. Meanwhile, laboratories that have not yet gone digital are recognizing that the future of pathology is here, and they, too, are looking to understand considerations for long-term success.

We believe that reaching full digitization depends on having an enterprise-grade platform to accelerate all aspects of the pathologist’s day. This platform must also fit within your practice and within your workflows so that it naturally becomes the center of your pathology operations. 

This is why the Proscia team is so excited about the newest release of Concentriq Dx, our digital pathology platform for primary diagnostic workflows CE-marked under IVDR and available for remote diagnostic use in the US during the Public Health Emergency. Designed and developed in close collaboration with digital pathology pioneers, the platform now delivers the missing pieces that have held laboratories back from 100% digital diagnosis, including:

  • An inviting experience that engages the pathologist
  • Collaboration Mode for driving higher quality services
  • An enterprise Administration Module enabling single-site practices and multi-site networks to scale more rapidly

Let’s take a deeper dive into how these new features and enhancements to Concentriq Dx ensure that it’s the perfect fit for any lab.


An Inviting Experience that Engages the User

For labs shifting towards 100% digital diagnosis, their digital pathology system sits at the heart of their work. Consequently, for pathologists, technicians, or lab managers, the experience that their platform offers dictates to a great extent their own day-to-day experiences. To see the full benefits of digitization, a lab should be looking for a digital pathology platform that offers not only the right features, but also the ability to use them in a manner that’s intuitive and becomes a highlight of the user’s daily routine.

In working closely with pathologists who use digital pathology routinely, we delivered an experience that all users across the lab want to engage with. This centers around a viewer designed to be as intuitive as the microscope. It’s exceptionally responsive, supports various input devices including the 3D SpaceMouse, and offers a Focus Mode that helps pathologists “get in the zone” as they review slides. 

This intuitiveness extends across the platform with an effortless user interface that minimizes clicks, puts actions and data where you expect them, and enables you to easily navigate. And when we say data, we don’t just mean some of your diagnostic data. Concentriq Dx offers best-of-breed interoperability to give you a more comprehensive look at each case. 

The user experience has always been an implicit consideration for labs evaluating digital pathology solutions, and this newest release of Concentriq Dx delivers.


Collaboration Made Easy Drives Interactions among Peers

The practice of pathology is innately collaborative in nature. From curbside consults to second opinions to peer review, the number of interactions among pathologists is staggering. This means that labs can’t shift to 100% digital diagnosis without a seamless way to collaborate. 

The latest release of Concentriq Dx builds collaboration into the platform so that it is part of the routine workflow and enabled by the effortless user interface. The new Collaboration Mode is accessed in a single click on any WSI straight from the viewer, making it easy to start a new live session with any number of colleagues. The “Follow” feature enables these colleagues to watch you (or any other user) as you navigate the image, create annotations, and communicate with each other in real time. For collaboration occurring asynchronously, using the secure Case Link to share a case is always an option as well.

But beyond this specific functionality itself, this release makes collaboration a more ingrained part of routine workflows. A new Case Tagging feature makes it easy to mark a case for tumor boards, peer reviews, research, or education. Global Search with advanced search settings simplifies the process of pulling these cases together. 

Now, geographically dispersed teams can all practice as if everyone were in the same location, driving powerful productivity and efficiency gains for your lab.


An Enterprise Administration Module Enabling Single-Site Practices and Multi-Site Networks to Meet Current and Future Needs

Administrative capabilities may not be your first consideration when you invest in digital pathology; yet, all too often, the lack of this functionality creates downstream challenges as you look to scale towards 100% digitization. 

The new release of Concentriq Dx delivers an enterprise-grade Administration Module that puts control in your hands. Fully configurable roles and permissions enables an administrator to adjust the system to accommodate the restrictions, requirements, and expectations that will become helpful as you grow your team. Beyond roles and permissions, the Administration Module enables easy site management along with the configuration of public case tags and diagnostic fields, ensuring that Concentriq Dx will always reflect even the smallest process changes made in your lab.

With the new Administration Module, Concentriq Dx now further delivers on its promise to meet your current and future needs. The platform also offers best-of-breed interoperability with leading scanners, laboratory information systems, and image analysis applications, giving you the flexibility to expand your technology ecosystem as your requirements evolve.


There’s So Much More To Discover in Concentriq Dx

To learn more about these updates and about Concentriq Dx, come and see us at Pathology Visions, where we’ll be at booth (#315), or catch our Pre-conference Workshop: What to Look for in an AI-Ready Platform: Preparing Your Laboratory to Perform Computational Pathology at Scale.

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