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Future Ready Pathology

An event for the modern diagnostic lab


Welcome to Future Ready Pathology.

Hear from industry leaders, as well as pathology and healthcare innovators about how you can capitalize on trends reshaping diagnostic medicine today, and the technologies powering the digital future for the world’s largest laboratory networks.


The Future of Diagnostic Laboratories in the Post-Pandemic Era

As pathology labs modernize to adapt to mounting pressures in the post-pandemic era, hear important insights ranging from reimbursements to the generational challenges labs are experiencing as they seek to adopt new strategies and advance their business.

David West

Chief Executive Officer, Proscia

Robert Michel

Editor-in-Chief, Dark Report

Pathology Innovation Sessions

Hear from leaders of the world’s highest volume laboratories who are driving meaningful quality and efficiency gains at scale, building digital pathology ecosystems, and preparing their labs for the computational future.

Pathologist-centric Design:
A Critical Component of Digital Pathology Success

See what a day-in-the-life of a pathologist looks like when using a digital pathology platform with a smooth, responsive viewer and an intuitive interface. Manage your workload, stay organized, and access information easier than ever before.

Monica Fries
Monica Santamaria-Fries

Digital Transformation Officer, Proscia

Ashley Murgatroyd
Ashley Murgatroyd

VP, Product Management, Proscia

Dr. Tony Magliocco
Dr. Tony Magliocco

Founder, Protean BioDiagnostics

Connecting the Distributed Team: Powering Networked & Remote Operations

Hear about the challenges large networked lab operations face as they attempt to effectively implement digital pathology at scale, and how to overcome these barriers to connect multi-site labs and their pathologists.

Stephan Fromme
Stephan Fromme

Head of Strategic Alliances, Proscia

Nicholas Cacciabeve
Dr. Nicholas Cacciabeve

Managing Partner, Advanced Pathology Associates

How Open is Your Platform? Build the Ideal Digital and Computational Pathology Ecosystem

Gain technical insights and best practices for building a future-proof, AI-ready digital pathology ecosystem by connecting your laboratory to best-of-breed technologies through a robust API and a fully interoperable platform.

Coleman Stavish
Coleman Stavish

Chief Technology Officer, Proscia

Thomas Sollie
Thomas Sollie

Senior Clinical AI Advisor Pathology, Unilabs

Beyond Digitization:
The Computational Future of Pathology

Digital pathology pioneers will share what comes next after achieving 100% digitization. Incorporate AI from a range of vendors into your clinical workflows to fully realize the value and benefits of going digital.

Nathan Buchbinder
Nathan Buchbinder

Chief Product Officer, Proscia

Ralf Huss
Ralf Huss MD, PhD

Professor & Deputy Director, Institute of Pathology and Molecular Diagnostics, University Hospital Augsburg

Alexi Biadoshvili
Alexi Baidoshvili

Clinical Pathologist, LabPON

Prepare your lab for pathology’s future—today.


Concentriq® Digital Pathology Platform

Ready for Now. Ready for Next.

As pathology rushes into the modern era, explore the solution that’s powering the future of diagnostic medicine today. From connecting widely distributed and remote teams, to putting the pathologist at the center of a natural and intuitive experience, see the latest features and powerful capabilities of the AI-ready Concentriq digital pathology platform.

Nathan Buchbinder
Nathan Buchbinder

Chief Product Officer, Proscia

Ashley Murgatroyd
Ashley Murgatroyd

VP, Product Management, Proscia

Don’t miss this opportunity to ready your lab for the future of pathology.

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