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Concentriq® Dx is a digital pathology software solution used by leading reference laboratories, hospitals and health systems to advance the standard of care from the limitations of glass to the fully digital diagnostic future of pathology. Concentriq Dx brings together an effortless user experience with the functionality and diagnostic data needed to power modern pathology at scale.

A deeply engaging experience for pathologists

Concentriq Dx is built with the pathologist in mind, and grounded in proven design principles. To accelerate adoption of digital pathology, we’ve delivered an inviting experience for pathologists that becomes the highlight of their daily routine. Our solution features:

  • A viewer as intuitive as the microscope. Fast and smooth image review, focus mode and 3D SpaceMouse support.
  • An effortless user interface with features and data exactly where you’d expect them. Easily navigate with minimal clicks and stay immersed in important case work.
  • The ability to work from anywhere, with anyone, through a browser-based solution. Work remotely without missing a beat, and pick up wherever you leave off with case persistence.

Demo Concentriq Dx

Dr. Alexi Baidoshvili

“Achieving full digitization requires a solution that provides end-to-end functionality, an effortless user experience and scalability. Concentriq Dx is the only solution I’ve seen that successfully delivers on all three of these pillars.”

Dr. Alexi Baidoshvili, Clinical Pathologist at LabPON

Comprehensive primary diagnostic workflows for high-throughput laboratories

Modern pathology requires more than a stellar user experience. Concentriq Dx was designed to help pathologists improve productivity, and for labs to accelerate their shift toward full digitization. Our solution is ready to help deliver higher-quality diagnostic services.

  • All the viewing tools you need, including annotations, cell counter, grid views, viewing trail map, image filters, multi-view and more.
  • Efficiently organize your day with a worklist, case tags, sorting and dynamic, multi-facet search and filter functionality.
  • Complete data access throughout your workflow with configurable fields supporting a wide range of clinical information, robust interoperability with LIS systems and image viewing applications.
  • Robust configurable permissions support cross-training for unique roles and access control across multi-site organizations.

Seamless collaboration with peers across global networks

Pathology is innately collaborative and we’ve made it easier than ever to simplify and streamline working with peers — regardless of time or location.

  • Collaboration built into routine workflows. Single click on any WSI straight from the viewer for a live session with colleagues.
  • View and follow in real time. Engage with other users as they review cases and annotate images in real time, or follow a leader during case review and communicate with persistent chat to record important conversations.
  • Simplified tumor boards and peer reviews. Case tagging, advanced search and filtering makes it fast and easy to identify and pull together cases for group review, education and research.

Scalability and flexibility to meet evolving needs

Concentriq Dx was designed to be the first and only digital pathology workflow solution your lab will need. With no vendor lock-in, short adoption timelines, and fast buy-in from IT full digitization is well within reach. We’re proud to offer diagnostic labs:

  • Enterprise-grade administration to put control in your hands with fully configurable roles and permissions, site management, customizable case tags and diagnostic fields.
  • Best-of-breed interoperability. Concentriq is scanner-agnostic, with an open API, bi-directional LIS and image analysis integration.
  • Robust security and compliance HIPAA compliant. Encryption supported for data at rest and TLS for the encryption of data in transit.


Leading labs trust Proscia

Concentriq is used by forward-thinking laboratories committed to full digitization, and to advance the standard of care delivered by the modern pathology lab.

Run a modern,
more productive lab.

For labs ready to accelerate their shift to 100% digital pathology, go forward in confidence with Proscia. We provide solutions and professional services for every lab seeking to improve diagnostic quality, run more efficiently and be positioned for future growth.


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