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Join us in shaping the future of pathology.

As we push the boundaries of digital and computational pathology, we can’t do it alone. We started the Digital Insiders Network to create a community of pathology professionals who share our vision for advancing today’s standard of care and can provide us with guidance as we drive innovation.

Members of the Digital Insiders Network are asked to share their perspective on the rapidly evolving technologies that are driving laboratory medicine. We’ll turn to you to help identify unaddressed pain points, educate us about your day-to-day pathology needs, and consult with us as we design and develop solutions that change the way the world practices pathology.

We’re looking to expand the Digital Insiders Network with individuals who:

  • Work on a daily basis with pathology data, whether it’s as a pathologist, histotechnician, laboratory director or manager, researcher, study manager, PI, or IT specialist.
  • Have an interest in improving, exploring, and expanding the use of digital pathology in practice.
  • Are eager to communicate your ideas or perspective to our team. (Of course, we don’t expect you to share any specifics about what your current organization is working on.)

That’s all it takes! Are you ready to be a Digital Insider?

To join Proscia’s Digital Insiders Network, please email us at, and include the following information for us to review within your note.


  • Your Name & Address
  • Phone Number
  • NPI # (if available)
  • Current Job Title and Employer
  • A short description of your role, and how digital pathology is relevant to your job
  • Your CV as a PDF attachment

If your background is a good fit, someone from the program will reach out.

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