Concentriq Dx® is the digital pathology platform used by top reference laboratories and health systems to shift the standard of care from microscope to image.

Concentriq Dx drives pathologist-centric image-based workflows, driving efficiency, quality and insight into the routine practice of pathology. It delivers enterprise scale and integration to enable even the largest networked laboratories to rapidly adopt digital pathology and prepare themselves for pathology’s computational future.

Concentriq Dx is CE-marked for in-vitro diagnostic use in Europe and available for primary diagnosis in the US during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Putting the pathologist at the center of the diagnostic workflow

Concentriq is designed to drive meaningful productivity and efficiency gains by delivering a natural, microscope-like viewing experience from within a robust digital pathology environment. Pathologists can now excel in their image-based workflows, with intuitive worklists, robust search, and powerful viewer tools.

  • Smooth viewing experience through the Concentriq deep-zoom image viewer
  • Enable remote operations with a high performance browser-based platform
  • Workflow management features highlight the information you need when you need it most
  • Powerful features like grid-view and cell counter simplify time consuming tasks

Streamlining second opinions and collaboration

Concentriq Dx makes sharing cases easy. With support for real-time and asynchronous collaboration and consults, Concentriq breaks down the geographic barriers that have traditionally limited access to experts.

Key features:

  • Seamlessly integrated consult workflows for single and multi-site lab networks
  • Live collaboration and synced viewing with unlimited users
  • Access to images and data remotely via a secure browser
  • Role-based permissions and enterprise-grade security for access and sharing

Deploying AI into routine workflows

Concentriq Dx is AI-ready, designed to provide pathologists and laboratory managers with the information they need to drive an informed and efficient practice of pathology. Through native AI integration, Concentriq Dx empowers laboratories to embrace pathology’s computational future with confidence.

  • An AI-native user interface and experience integrates AI results seamlessly into routine workflows
  • Incorporate AI applications from multiple sources, including solutions developed by you, Proscia, or other companies
  • Open API provides future-proof solution to add new computational applications

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Hear how our customer LabPON, the first laboratory in the world to achieve 100% digital pathology diagnosis, is scaling its routine practice with Concentriq.

LabPON Adopts Proscia’s Concentriq to Meet Demand for Diagnostic Services Amid Rising Cancer Burden

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