Latest News: Proscia Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance For Concentriq AP-DxREAD THE PRESS RELEASE

We’ve designed Concentriq as an open, flexible platform that integrates directly with laboratory hardware and software from every vendor. With native support for all major whole slide image and LIS communication protocols, Concentriq improves productivity by unifying lab applications and processes, while eliminating silos that lock away data insight.

Integrating with your lab’s existing systems

Concentriq’s built-in integrations make it easy to plug in and optimize the systems you already use. Our platform lives at the epicenter of your lab’s digital operations, seamlessly connecting applications and devices to streamline your lab, no matter what your workflows look like.

Your lab is ready for Concentriq today

With a simple process and expert support from the Proscia team, integrating Concentriq into your existing pathology technology and workflows is easier than you think. Talk to our team to see how Concentriq fits into your lab ecosystem.

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