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The rising diagnostic burden and shortage of pathologists is having a massive impact on labs worldwide. Yet demands for precision medicine are intensifying, and pathology is being relied upon to deliver results faster and with greater accuracy. Modern solutions with an enterprise-grade software platform at the center of pathology operations can help meet these demands, create a better work experience for pathologists and position labs for the future of diagnosis and patient care.

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Modern pathology software helps labs overcome diagnostic challenges.

Digital Pathology Transformation: A Guide to Digital Pathology Solution Selection

Go digital with confidence.

Efficient, scalable growth is well within reach. For labs committed to digital pathology, Proscia delivers software-led solutions and professional services to launch and power the modern diagnostic lab. Every lab is different, and we offer consultative solutions that maximize your pathology resources and create a pathologist-friendly lab.

Find actionable steps, helpful tips and downloadable reference guides for what to look for in a digital pathology software platform.


Concentriq Dx

Modern Pathology. Delivered.

Concentriq® Dx is used by leading reference laboratories, hospitals and health systems to advance the standard of care from the limitations of glass to the data-driven future of pathology. Concentriq Dx brings together an effortless user experience with the functionality and diagnostic data needed to power modern pathology at scale.


Leading diagnostic labs trust Proscia and Concentriq Dx

Concentriq Dx is used by forward-thinking laboratories committed to full digitization, to advance the standard of care delivered by the modern pathology lab.

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Proscia is ready to help labs who are committed to a digital and computational future with products, solutions and services to help you go digital with confidence.

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