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Proscia® and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Collaborate to Bring AI Applications to Several High-Impact Diseases and Specialties in Pathology

By Author Proscia | December 10, 2019

Collaboration designed to advance the practice of pathology, accelerating research breakthroughs and improving patient outcomes

Philadelphia – December 10, 2019 Proscia, a leading provider of AI-enabled digital pathology software, and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, one of the leading academic medical centers in the U.S., will collaborate on the development of computational applications that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to advance the practice of pathology for multiple diseases.

Disease-specific AI applications help drive efficiency, productivity, and quality in tissue diagnosis. This is critical in overcoming the subjectivity inherent in traditional pathology and in addressing the world’s looming pathologist shortage. AI also has the power to tap into data unseen by the human eye to reveal clinically important tissue patterns.

Training a successful AI system for pathology requires diverse, high-quality pathology data. Diverse data helps ensure an AI system is accurate across a wide variety of diseases, methods of biopsy, preparation of tissue, tissue dying procedures, and digital scanning processes.

“As digital pathology continues to gain traction, AI-driven applications will advance this adoption by driving economic and clinical benefits,” said Dr. Michael Bonham, Chief Medical Officer of Proscia. “Proscia is proud to collaborate with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, a leader in cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment, to accelerate our pipeline of disease-specific AI applications.”

This collaboration adds to the growing list of leading academic and commercial institutions with which Proscia has worked to bring disease-specific AI applications to market. Starting with its release of DermAI™ in June 2019, Proscia has grown its collaborators, which now include the University of Florida, Cockerell Dermatopathology, Dermatopathology Laboratory of Central States, and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.*

About Proscia
Proscia is an AI software company that is changing the way the world practices pathology to transform cancer research and diagnosis. With the company’s Concentriq digital pathology platform and pipeline of AI algorithms, laboratories are leveraging new kinds of data to improve patient outcomes and accelerate discoveries. Proscia’s team of technologists, scientists, and pathologists is bringing a fresh approach to an outdated industry, helping the world to keep pace with the increasing demand for pathology services and fulfill the promise of precision care. For more information, visit

*DermAI is for research use only.

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