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Access image analysis results from HALO directly within the Concentriq digital pathology platform, streamlining research workflows and accelerating drug development timelines.

An integrated digital pathology ecosystem

HALO is a powerful solution for quantitative tissue analysis. However, the application often remains disconnected from the core of the research workflow, creating data silos, slowing down research efforts, and impacting overall development timelines.

With bidirectional integration between HALO and the Concentriq digital pathology platform, you can perform sophisticated image analysis without the disruption of deviating from your workflow.

Once your image analysis results are in Concentriq, you can leverage powerful built-in functionality to leverage them to their fullest, including:

Simplified Search: Search for image analysis results alongside other image metadata in Concentriq

Streamlined Collaboration: Share images, metadata, and analysis results with users across the entire organization, even if users do not have access to HALO

Ready to take the next step with an integrated solution for image management and analysis?

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