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Concentriq: An Open Platform Built For AI

Nathan Buchbinder
By Nathan Buchbinder | September 30, 2021

At Proscia, we talk a lot about AI-enabled digital pathology. We frequently pair these two concepts – digital pathology and AI – because we fundamentally believe that a focus on one is incomplete without the other. While organizations adopting digital pathology may be initially looking to improve collaboration and broaden access to expertise, they recognize that AI is poised to make the biggest impact on the field since the introduction of the microscope and want to capitalize on this promise. Similarly, organizations that are seeking to implement AI aren’t going to realize any value if they do so in a vacuum. They want to incorporate these applications into routine practice so that they can streamline operations, improve quality, and unlock new insights.

Our Concentriq® digital pathology platform addresses these needs. It sits at the intersection of digital and computational, or AI-driven pathology, marrying robust functionality for carrying out routine operations with powerful AI applications. In doing so, Concentriq enables diagnostic laboratories and research teams to natively introduce AI solutions – no matter where they were developed – into their day-to-day work and leverage them without ever leaving the platform.

Concentriq serves as a launchpad for applications developed by Proscia, like our DermAI®, which provides an AI-based read on every skin case to drive quality and efficiency gains. An open platform, Concentriq also integrates with AI solutions from third parties, like Ibex and Visiopharm, as well as homegrown solutions that our customers build themselves. In turn, organizations can adopt a portfolio of applications to meet their needs today and gain the freedom to choose new applications in the future. This is especially critical given that computational solutions tend to address very narrow use cases. As AI in pathology continues to mature, organizations will almost certainly look to leverage a broad range of applications to realize its full potential.

It’s for this flexibility that LabPON, the first laboratory in the world to reach 100% digital pathology diagnosis, transitioned to Concentriq to chart its path in computational pathology. Research organizations also recognize the benefits of our platform + AI approach. The Joint Pathology Center (JPC), which houses the world’s largest human tissue archive, selected Concentriq to digitize this repository, in part, so that it could develop and deploy its own computational applications. LabPON and JPC are in good company, as 11 of the top 20 pharmaceutical organizations also rely on Concentriq to power their day-to-day pathology practice.

The era of computational pathology is here. And while an open, AI-enabled platform may seem like the obvious way to realize the full promise of this major advancement, it has by no means become an industry standard. This means that the decisions you make today have the potential to set your organization up for long-term success – or result in unnecessary spend and delays as you are forced to rethink an approach that ultimately didn’t scale to meet your needs. At Proscia, we’re excited to help you on your journey. Contact us to begin a conversation about what our AI-native Concentriq platform can do for you.

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