Proscia, Unilabs Partner to Apply Artificial Intelligence for Routine Pathology Practice

By Author Proscia | March 30, 2021

Digital pathology firm Proscia has established a strategic partnership with European diagnostic services firm Unilabs to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence in routine pathology practice.

Through the collaboration, Unilabs will validate the efficacy of Proscia’s computational pathology applications and deploy them into its high-throughput pathology workflows, Proscia said.

Geneva-based Unilabs will implement computational pathology methods into its routine workflows leveraging Proscia’s suite of AI applications, and initially use the digital pathology firm’s DermAI product, which classifies images of skin biopsies, Proscia said. Unilabs will test the utility of Proscia’s computational applications and generate clinical and economic evidence that reflects their capacity to achieve their intended purposes.

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