Proscia Presents Future Ready Pathology

By Author Proscia | May 20, 2021

Tissue Pathology recently highlighted Proscia’s Future Ready Pathology event. 

As pathology labs modernize to adapt to mounting pressures in the post-pandemic era, the event focuses on how you and your lab can capitalize today on trends and technologies reshaping diagnostic medicine.

Our on-demand Future Ready Pathology event features former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb discussing how the rapid pace of innovation in healthcare is shaping the future for diagnostic laboratories and the patients they serve. Other on-demand sessions include:

  • Pathologist-centric Design: A Critical Component of Digital Pathology Success
  • Connecting the Distributed Team: Powering Networked & Remote Operations
  • How Open is Your Platform? Build the Ideal Digital and Computational Pathology Ecosystem
  • Beyond Digitization:The Computational Future of Pathology

Visit our Future Ready Pathology page to watch now!

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