Digital Pathology: Enabling Remote Operations During COVID-19 and Beyond

By Author Proscia | April 8, 2020

We are all severely impacted by the rapidly evolving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Terms such as “social distancing,” “self-quarantine,” and “flattening the curve,” have become the most meaningful descriptors of how we live our lives. This pandemic will, hopefully soon, resolve; however, its lasting effects will lead to permanent changes in how we live and work. In pathology, we are already starting to see the beginning of these permanent changes, as the need for social distancing and quarantine has forced the entirety of how pathology operates to be transformed almost overnight.

Proscia’s Chief Medical Officer explains why digital pathology has been critical in enabling remote operations during the COVID-19 pandemic and why this is accelerating its long-term adoption in this bylined article.

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