Learn why 10 of the top 20 biopharma companies trust Proscia's Concentriq® for Research platform to help accelerate their research efforts. This webinar explores use cases that show why Concentriq for Research is the digital pathology platform of choice for life sciences organizations, CROs, and academic medical centers.
Dermatopathologists Dr. Kiran Motaparthi (University of Florida) and Dr. Jason Lee (Thomas Jefferson University Hospital) discuss their prospective study work with Proscia AI, its current quality and efficiency impacts, and its potential to assist in the diagnosis of skin diseases such as melanoma.
In this webinar we document the journey Cernostics, a cancer diagnostics company, took to implement a digital pathology system and integrate their LIS to accelerate research projects, and enhance their lab’s clinical routine workflow.
Where should you start in evaluating the right technology to drive your digital pathology project? This webinar will focus on defining the components of the digital pathology ecosystem, and tips for selecting the right software, hardware, integrations, and IT infrastructure to support your organization's goals.
Join Dr. Monica Santamaria-Fries, Digital Transformation Officer at Proscia, and Dr. Giovanni Lujan, Associate Professor Pathology; Associate Director of Digital & Computational Pathology, The Ohio State University, as they share how you can help your laboratory rapidly modernize by building the support you need across your organization.
Visit Proscia at the upcoming European Congress of Pathology Virtual Event, August 29-31. Find out how we’re helping labs power the future of diagnostic medicine. See the features and capabilities in the latest release of our AI-ready Concentriq digital pathology platform, and chat with our team.
Dr. Monica Santamaria-Fries, Digital Transformation Officer at Proscia and Michael Valante, Chief Technology Officer for Digital Pathology at Dell Technologies, discuss approaches for engaging the IT department as a strategic partner in digital pathology.
Coleman Stavish, CTO, will present, "Transforming cancer care: AWS, Proscia, and JPC join forces to advance the practice of pathology," during this virtual event hosted by AWS.
[Event] USCAP 2021
We're looking forward to helping you navigate your digital pathology journey at USCAP 2021. Stop by our virtual booth for live demos of our Concentriq Dx platform, partner presentations, Q&As, resources, and more.

Join this short, moderated discussion with Proscia and Visiopharm to learn about 5 common challenges life sciences organizations experience as they scale their digital pathology operations.

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