Academic ResearchScience involves new challenges everyday - your image software shouldn't be one of them.

From Data to Discovery

Pathology Cloud was built to drive academic research laboratories by providing a unified platform for pathology workflows. We address the biggest of challenges facing digitization of the discovery process, including optimized uploads and efficient data management, while providing tools for the specific problems that individual labs face through an open API and user developed modules.

Integrate Data Sources

Laboratory research often operates using a diverse set of data inputs, ranging from specific and detailed clinical information to metadata associated with large data sets. Pathology Cloud helps rapidly fuse disparate data sources, from biobanks, histopathology cores, third-party services, and your laboratory-generated samples.

Identify and Quantify

On top of Pathology Cloud lies a diverse suite of tools to accelerate the quantification process from markup generation to tumor and biomarker analysis, helping identify complex patterns in tissue and across datasets. Pathology Cloud is designed to compress time-to-results so that your results are available in minutes, not days, whether you’re analyzing 10 images or 10,000.

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Discover and Publish

Research thrives on discovery and collaboration. Pathology Cloud has built-in and add-on solutions that allow you to create and analyze data with study collaborators, integrate with third-party tools, and publish whole slides with results. Proscia makes the entire research process faster and helps you share the impacts of your insights with others.

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