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Unify Data | Accelerate Discovery

Proscia’s solutions help organizations focused on research and discovery to aggregate data and quantify tissue in a unified platform, driving rapid discovery and decisions. Pathology Cloud serves as a launchpad for biomarker and tumor characteristic specific analytic and informatics tools implementable through an API. With secure storage and computation that scales instantly on demand, the concept of resource intensive clustered networks is a thing of the past.

A Data Fusion Platform

Pathology Cloud helps rapidly fuse disparate data sources, from biobanks, histopathology cores, third-party services, and your laboratory-generated samples, elucidating connections within your data and illuminating correlations not just on single images but throughout the entirety of your organization’s R&D portfolio. With storage and computational resources that scale on demand without a data cap, research and discovery run and grow faster.

Quantify and Discover

Pathology Cloud’s growing list of image analysis applications offer some of the industry’s most diverse and powerful tools for analysis of biomarkers, tissue features, and tumor characteristics. These modules provide accurate assessment of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of images at once, enabling our clients to perform high quality and high-throughput research and development.

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Custom Solutions, Complete and One-off

Pathology Cloud is a platform that can be customized to fit your organization’s exact needs. Administrator controlled privileges that can be turned off and on from your organization enable members of different teams to use the specific solutions they need while maintaining the centralization of your company’s data.

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