We All Know about AI in Medicine By Now. Here’s Why It Really Matters.

By Author Proscia | January 11, 2021

With more fields than ever developing improved solutions and protocols, the rapid incorporation of artificial intelligence in medicine is no longer a novel trend. Yet the intricacies of AI have often made it a difficult success story to explain to the average Joe. While AI’s huge leap forward has provided much needed clarity and assistance to medical decision-makers, its positive effects have not been as crystal clear for the general public, meaning patients and prospective patients have little clue how it helps them.

Companies such as Proscia are using AI to detect patterns in cancer cells. The company’s software helps pathology labs eliminate bottlenecks in data management and uses AI-powered image analysis to connect data points that support cancer discovery and treatment. The pattern is clear: AI will eventually move past simply managing data to a point at which it can be actionably re-utilized.

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