Proscia Nabs $37 Million in Series C Funding to Advance Digital Pathology Capabilities

By Author Proscia | June 28, 2022

With $37 million in new funding, Philadelphia-based Proscia is using computational pathology to advance the ways in which cancer is understood and treated.

Using its powerful artificial intelligence-driven Concentriq digital pathology platform, Proscia is accelerating breakthroughs in precision medicine. David West, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Proscia, explained that pathology has been a core component of research and diagnosis for more than 150 years. But, with advances in technology and machine learning capabilities, the field is shifting away from microscopes and glass slides and becoming a data-driven discipline that is more reliant on the use of high-resolution digital imagery.

“In doing so, it is opening up powerful new opportunities for advancing the way we understand and treat diseases like cancer,” West told BioBuzz.

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