Today’s clinical labs face immense pressure to cut costs and deliver more value than ever before. And for those labs that have yet to go beyond glass slides – and are still stuck in the microscope era – we want to help you embrace digital pathology to keep up with the competition.

Come find us at next week’s Executive War College where our CEO David West and Chief Medical Officer Mike Bonham, MD, PhD will be on the ground to share how our Concentriq™ digital pathology platform and soon-to-be-released AI modules are enabling labs to improve quality, increase accuracy, and drive added efficiencies.

Mike will also be presenting on “How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Practice of Pathology Today” on May 1st at 2:50 PM.

You can schedule a meeting here. And if you won’t be at the event but want to connect on your own digital pathology adoption, you can always contact us to get the conversation started.