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Pathology Needs Experts

Pathology is a discipline that thrives when the best of us share our experience, knowledge, and expertise. The core of education is the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge, and Pathology Cloud provides just that. From public repositories of tens of thousands of images and associated case data to real-time screen sharing on whole slide images, Proscia’s platform enables medical educators to aggregate relevant teaching material and easily present it as part of traditional curriculums or experimental projects.

images made easy

Whether you’re looking to upload your own images or select from the tens of thousands of publically available WSIs that we host, Pathology Cloud makes it simple to move content onto the platform. Upload is as simple as clicking twice - no worrying about file format - and accepts images from your desktop, Box, or Dropbox accounts.

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Pathology Cloud enables clients to share in whatever setting works best for them. Sharing a single image with a student or an entire repository of images with a whole class takes seconds. Embedding a full-magnification high-resolution viewer into your own website or virtual learning environment is equally as easy. And if you think you’ve got something to share with other educators, we host public repositories to share knowledge with pathologists and students around the world.


Pathology Cloud enables both educators and their students to gain exposure to the benefits of digital pathology. Students can be provided full or limited access to entire datasets of curated images and corresponding data from sources such as The Cancer Genome Atlas, a National Cancer Institute initiative. Pathology Cloud also allows students and teachers to collaborate real-time, sharing conversations, annotations, and knowledge.

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