Concentriq® for Research puts your pathology data to work, accelerating research, discovery, and clinical trials with a platform that realizes the promise of digitization — and the potential of your pathology data. With robust management tools for large volumes of whole slide image data, our intelligent software allows multi-site, multi-program organizations to analyze and collaborate on pathology data at an enterprise scale.

Unify and harness pathology data for your projects

Concentriq integrates data from multiple sources and sites, centralizing and simplifying pathology-related processes in a way not previously possible. Our platform connects hardware and software across your lab to create a unified hub for all your organization’s whole slide image data.

  • Integration with LIS and CTMS
  • Cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid deployment leverage existing infrastructure
  • Automated image upload from scanner and other sources
  • Manage and view results from major third-party image analysis vendors
  • Searchability of data across and within studies, including image analysis results

Greater control and security

Moving slides and data between sites for clinical trials and studies is expensive and inefficient — and opens up multiple risk points for failure, loss, and delay. With Concentriq, even complex multi-site operations can securely and instantly share image and metadata.

  • Configurable department groups and repositories support varied trial and program structures
  • Role-based permissions for enhanced auditing, security, and sharing
  • Templated data structures to speed up consistent project and study initiation
  • Locked fields for controlling and enforcing data collection

Automate your labs’ time consuming, error-prone tasks

Legacy digital pathology systems can introduce process complexity — increasing dependence on manual, error-prone tasks. Concentriq drives efficiency and quality with applications that automate and streamline digital processes to improve the feasibility and impact of wide-scale digital adoption.

  • Mass metadata import tool
  • Automated image uploading
  • LIS/LIMS, CTMS, electronic notebooks integrations
  • Instantaneously set up repositories with standard fields and templates

Functionalize your pathology data

Create well-organized, searchable, and robust databases that make it easier to gain additional insights from whole slide images at scale. Concentriq can help your organization better leverage image analysis and computational algorithms to fuel discovery and breakthroughs.

  • Single-click integration with third-party analysis solutions, including Indica and Visiopharm
  • Open API to employ third-party or home-built image analytics and AI solutions
  • Standardize data by creating a library of predefined fields configurable by data type
  • Global search across all of an organization’s pathology information
What else does Concentriq enable?
  • Store, manage, and search whole slide images across teams and study sites
  • View fluorescent, brightfield, and Z-stack images
  • Archive inactive programs and studies automatically to save on storage
  • Customize data fields to match program/study needs
  • Simultaneous automated upload of images from multiple scanners of any brand
  • And more

Explore Concentriq today

Concentriq for Life Sciences was purpose-built to help large-scale organizations leverage more of their pathology data. Request a demo to see how Concentriq can add value to your workflows.

Harness the power of integrated image analysis with Visiopharm and Proscia

Visiopharm and Proscia have joined forces to deliver a best-in-class, unified solution that enables life sciences organizations to streamline research workflows and accelerate breakthroughs.

At these labs, digital pathology runs on Concentriq
Henry Ford Health Systems
University of Florida
Johns Hopkins University
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

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